Together! 2012 CIC is led by Disabled artists and is based in the main London 2012 Host Borough of Newham.

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Artistic Director Dr Ju Gosling, our Chair Julie Newman, our Business Director Robin Surgeoner MBE and Tracy Surgeoner

Our livestream Something for the Weekend, with lots of activities to join in with from home, is recorded live on Thursdays from 12-1pm. Hosted by our Artistic Director Dr Ju Gosling, our Chair Julie Newman, our Business Director Robin Surgeoner MBE and Tracy Surgeoner, from East London and the West Midlands.

Together! 2012 CIC is led by locally based disabled artists under the artistic directorship of international artist Dr Ju Gosling aka ju90, and is creating a Paralympic cultural Legacy in East London by making the main Host Borough of Newham into an international centre of excellence for Disability Arts. Together! 2012 CIC has already received significant recognition for our work, most recently winning the first Rotary Stratford East London Community Heroes Award for Outstanding Contribution to Community Cohesion in June 2019.

With ongoing support from Arts Council England and The National Lottery Community Fund, we run a free year-round programme of creative workshops for disabled people and their companions led by mid-career artist Alison Marchant, and free disabled-led exhibitions, events, performances and screenings for everyone, culminating each year in our month-long Together! Festival for Disability History Month. We help to strengthen existing Disability Arts groups in East London and create new ones, and work to connect local communities with other Disability Arts events and activities. In 2020-21 we are delivering this programme virtually, extending access to our work across the UK and beyond.

“Together! is where the next generation of grassroots Deaf and disabled artists will come from.”

Colour photograph of a group of disabled people lined across the stage behind cage bars, with words including Useless, Animal and Sad projected behind them

Our associate company Act Up! Newham premiered When You See Me at Stratford Circus on Friday 23 November 2018 to open the Together! 2018 Disability History Month Festival.

We also run the Together! 2012 Consultancy led by multi-gold medal-winning Paralympian Robin Surgeoner MBE, empowering organisations of all sizes to be Inclusion Confident as well as delivering inclusive events and activities on clients’ behalf. We will shortly be launching an online retail platform for work by disabled artists and makers, the Together! 2012 Gallery.

‘Together’ is our philosophy, and we work with a wide range of local and national partners whose support has made our progress possible (see below for partners’ logos and links).

Locally based poet and singer Dwain Bryan at the Together! tent at the 2016 Liberty Festival

Locally based poet and singer Dwain Bryan at the Together! tent at the 2016 Liberty Festival

We bring great art to the doorstep in a borough which at the start of 2012 officially had the lowest level of arts engagement in the UK. We create performances and exhibitions at pop-up venues throughout Newham as well as at some of the oldest venues in the borough, and now online too. Within our programming we prioritise emerging artists, together with established artists making work that takes them in new directions, and artists who have remained undiscovered for too long. We are always particularly interested in work that reflects the lived experiences of disabled people, and represents communities who too often remain invisible.

Our year-round community based programme brings together amateur, community, semi-professional and professional disabled artists to learn and share work on equal terms. Learning is important in all we do, including training disabled people to deliver live events and produce exhibitions, and providing opportunities to experience a wide range of roles related to careers in the arts. Our main programmes are intergenerational, and bring together disabled people with learning difficulties, physical and sensory impairments and mental health difficulties from across age and cultural groups. In addition, we are currently developing our bespoke offer for young people under the leadership of international artist Hazel Brill.

Photograph of a man in a dark hat and sunglasses, with a brightly coloured wig and make up on and a red and white spotted handkerchief around his neck, dressed for carnival or a parade.

The late David Morris in festival mode

Together! is inspired by the late David Morris (1958-2010), External Inclusion lead at London 2012 and the Mayor of London’s disability adviser, whose work changed the lives of many disabled Londoners. David’s unique ethos underpins our aims and objectives.

We are committed to making all of our activities free to access for audience members and workshop participants. You can make a donation to support our work by clicking the ‘Donate’ button at the bottom of this page, or email us on info@together2012.org.uk or call 07973 252751 for more information or to volunteer.

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Watch our 4.5min film here, celebrating the first three years of Together! 2012. 

“Together! 2012 is helping to deliver our vision of using the power of the 2012 Games to boost disabled people’s participation in arts and culture. I am proud that, with the help of partners such as Together! 2012 and the UK Disabled People’s Council, we will be able to create a lasting and meaningful cultural Paralympic Legacy in East London.” 

Lord Sebastian Coe, the Prime Minister’s Olympic and Paralympic Legacy Ambassador

Photograph of a canvas banner, with the name Together! 2012 written at the bottom in colourful graffiti, with spray painted symbols above of different art forms such as a palette and brushes, camera, book, needle and cotton, clapperboard, microphone etc

The banner created by participants in our Summer Together! graffiti art workshop with Graffiti Life.