Join us on Friday 17 December from 6-8pm for the opening of prisong, a new visual poetry exhibition by obscure at East Ham Library

Friday 17 November 6-8pm. FESTIVAL OPENING EVENT. Join us at East Ham Library for the launch of prisong, a visual poetry exhibition by Newcastle-based artist gobscure that explores words, the labels we use and the power they have.

prisong is a visual poetry collective of 45 separate small squares, written on over & over again in grey so they can be ‘seen’ but not ‘read’. A new word has then been written in colour over the top, colliding two existing words to challenge or reclaim – prison & song becoming prisong.

Sean Burn

The artist says: “This collective wall of words creatively critiques aspects of the current war against us all – including mental distresses, disabilities, media, sexualities, nationalities, markets, genders, more. We’re all pretty much boxed in these days, mostly miscategorised – lets rewrite.”

The launch includes a spoken word performance by Sean Burn followed by a question and answer session.   Also part of Newham Word Festival.

At East Ham Library, 328 Barking Rd, London E6 2RT. 020 3373 0827. Free parking for Blue Badge users. Open 9am-8pm Monday to Saturday; closed Sundays.