Pop-Up Poetry Club

The Together! 2012 Pop-Up Poetry Club is FREE and offers:

  • A weekly Poetry Workshop from 10.30am to 12noon on Wednesday mornings. Join us to read, write and talk about poetry over a cuppa. The workshops are led by Clubs Programme Leader Alison Marchant, who chooses a weekly theme, and poems are shared (if poets wish) on the Together Unlocked! livestream later that day. We currently meet by telephone – we call you and pay all costs. Contact info@together2012.org.uk for more information. 
  • Showcase opportunities where poets can perform their work in front of an audience, most recently on Zoom.
  • Publishing opportunities online and in print. You can see our newest anthology, Together: 20 Poems for 2020 here.

The Pop-Up Poetry Club was supported by the People’s Health Trust for its first 2 years and has also benefited from funding by Arts Council England. Ongoing funding from 2019 comes from The National Lottery Community Fund, with showcase funding from Arts Council England.

Screenshot of the Zoom

Performing at the Together! Pop-Up Poetry Cafe on 27 November 2020