Join in from Home

Video Introduction

Colour photograph of a woman sitting in a wheelchair working at her kitchen table, with craft materials and a cup of tea in front of her

BSL Video Introduction

Welcome! You can join in here wherever you are in the world, and you can share your work with us and our audiences via links and downloads to All of these activities can be made accessible and inclusive for all ages, and mostly use materials that you will already have at home. You can also Watch films and our own Web TV channel with us and Listen to music with us. Click here for details of our online and phone-based Clubs programme.

Photograph of a canvas banner, with the name Together! 2012 written at the bottom in colourful graffiti, with spray painted symbols above of different art forms such as a palette and brushes, camera, book, needle and cotton, clapperboard, microphone etcJoin in with the:

Contribute to our international Hands Project and celebrate your uniqueness and membership of the human race. Full instructions are on the linked page – the photograph is of hands made at the Newham Show in July 2019. (The Together! Art Club usually meets twice a week, with sessions in Applied Arts & Crafts and Drawing & Painting.)

The Together! Dance Club usually meets monthly to create masked dance for the screen. You can watch their very first film here, where they made masks from paper plates, used coloured fabric for costumes and played percussion to create a soundtrack.

As you will see, simple movements can still be very effective. Make your own mask using whatever you have available such as paper plates, bags and boxes – it can be as big or small as you like – video yourself dancing in it, and then share it with us, either as a link or a download (free transfer sites include Dropbox and WeTransfer) to

We will share your films with our followers on social media, and select the best to be screened during the Dance programme at the Together! 2020 Disability Film Festival in December, where they will be eligible for a Kat Award. For soundtrack ideas, see how to Make Your Own Percussion Instrument.

If you are temporarily or permanently chair-based, the warm-up here has been created by our associate wheelchair dance company Folk in Motion, and focusses on relaxing your upper body and improving your breathing.

All of our activities can be enjoyed by families at home, but these are some of the favourite activities from our Family Activity Days, which are usually held in the school holidays. Card-making using pens, stickers and paper is also popular – show someone you are thinking of them by making a special card. If it can’t be delivered safely, photograph it when it’s finished with a personal message inside and send that by text or social media.

MUSIC CLUBColour photograph of a recycled plastic water bottle decorated with marker pens and ribbons with buttons and small sticks inside.
Learn how to Make Your Own Percussion Instruments from recycled materials and play along with the Summer Together! 2019 Carnival Percussion Workshops with Xi-mali Kadeena-Guscos. Or for the technically minded, Make Your Own Tactile Sound Device and feel your favourite tracks as you listen to them. Share your photographs and films of your work with us (use free transfer sites such as Dropbox and WeTransfer to share films) at and we will share these with our followers on social media. (The Together! Music Club is a free monthly ‘Open Mic’ night, where participants choose percussion instruments to play along with when they arrive. We also run creative projects linked to the Music Club, including The Recycled Band and VIBE.) 

Colour photograph of red trophies with Feng Shui cats on top of each of them, waiting to be presented

Make a video with the theme of ‘Home’ and share it with us, either as a link or a download (free transfer sites include Dropbox and WeTransfer) to You can use a phone or a camera, and make any type of film you wish including drama, documentary, dance, animation and artist’s films. We will share films with our followers on social media, and select the best to be screened during a special programme at the Together! 2020 Disability Film Festival in December, where they will be eligible for a Kat Award. (The Photographers and Filmmakers Club usually meets monthly, and also assists with programming our annual Film Festival.). Remember there are lots of YouTube videos and websites where you can learn and improve filmmaking and photography skills. It’s not how expensive your phone or camera is that matters, it’s what you do with it.


Cover of a poetry anthology published by Together! 2012

Write or sign a poem on the theme ‘Together’ and send it to us via – we welcome your performance videos, spoken word files and film-poems too. We will share poems with our followers on social media, and publish the best in an anthology in November to celebrate the Together! 2020 Disability History Month Festival. Every poet whose work is selected for publication will receive a free copy of the book. (The Together! Pop-Up Poetry Club usually meets weekly to read, write and perform poetry together, and also organises pop-up poetry events including Poetry Cafés.)

Want to do more? Our friends at Stratford Circus Arts Centre are presenting a new fun, short arts activity to try at home each week, from visual arts to creative writing: These activities are designed to make use of items we already have at home and support us to stay creative during isolation. Use the hashtag #StratfordArtsSocial​ to share what you have created in Twitter (@StratfordCircus) and Instagram (@stratford_circus).