Together! 2012 Gallery

Together! 2012 Gallery





The Together! 2012 Gallery will open when pressure on the home delivery system allows, to display and sell work created by Disabled artists and makers, with the support of Arts Council England. All of work displayed for sale will be sold directly by the creators, who will retain the majority of the profits. Any profit remaining for the Gallery after running costs are paid will be used for the benefit of Disabled artists and makers via the Together! 2012 CIC free programme.

How can I sell my work through the Together! 2012 Gallery?

If you are an individual or group who is interested in selling your work through the Together! 2012 Gallery, email Products will include Accessories & Jewellery, Art, Books & ebooks, Cards & Gifts, Ceramics & Tableware, Children’s & Toys, Fashion, Furniture and Music.

Why buy and sell work by Disabled artists and makers?

The Disability Arts movement has been recognized as an international art movement in its own right since the 1980s, characterized by an alternative viewpoint, a vibrant colour palette and a mixture of art forms. A wide range of exhibitions, symposia, conferences and publications across the world have placed Disability Arts into Art History, and therefore make it extremely collectable.

However, Disabled artists and makers face a range of barriers that are not experienced by other creators. These include lack of access to studios, galleries and shops; and prejudice and discrimination. Government statistics show less than 4% of public funding on the arts is spent on Disabled artists, although Disabled people form 25% of the UK’s population. Buying from the Together! 2012 Gallery will support Disabled artists to continue making their work. Invest in the future of Disability Arts today.