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Something for the Weekend Friday 16 April 2021

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Something for the Weekend is an interactive Disability Arts show that is hosted by Together! 2012’s Chair Julie Newman, Artistic Director Ju Gosling, Business Director Robin Surgeoner and Tracy Surgeoner. Each episode includes:

  • Opportunities to join in from home with Together! 2012’s Art and Pop-Up Poetry Clubs and other participatory activities and to showcase your work.
  • Opportunities to watch performances and interviews with locally based, national and international Disabled artists.
  • Opportunities to join in from home with a wide range of activities in The Week Ahead, as recommended by the hosts.
  • Opportunities to relax and have a laugh, with Dressing Up to Go Out to Stay In, The Clockwork Paralimpics, and random appearances by anarchic pets.

You can watch our new show Something for the Weekend being recorded live from 3-4pm on Fridays on this page with live captions streamed beneath, or watch on YouTube to join in by Live Chat. The stream goes live just before 3pm – click on it to start.  We upload the edited show at 8pm on Friday night to replace the Iive recording – we remove any visual transitions and audio peaks and correct the captions for maximum accessibility – but please note that the captions are not always processed by YouTube until Saturday. Captioned recordings remain available for viewing on this page.

Click here to watch our previous livestream Together Unlocked!, together with Highlights & Links from the show.

Something for the Weekend Friday 9 April 2021