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Together! 2012 UNLOCKEDYou can watch Together Unlocked! live on this page from 3-4pm on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, with live captions streamed beneath, or watch on YouTube to join in the Live Chat. The stream will go live just before 3pm.  Recordings with enhanced audio and captions are posted on this page by 9pm on the evening of the show, and remain available for viewing below along with more information about Together Unlocked!

5 AUGUST 2020

Together Unlocked! includes conversation, information about Together! 2012 CIC’s Join in from Home programme, poetry, music, guests, photos and videos of viewers’ work, artists’ videos, anarchic pets — and much more. You can join in by Live Chat if you watch on YouTube. The show is hosted by Ju Gosling aka ju90 and Julie Newman from East London and Josh the Surgeonator and Robin Surgeoner aka Angry Fish from Birmingham, with writer-in-residence Penny Pepper from Hastings, all of whom are shielding for the duration. Tell us about and show us your art projects and we will put them on the show:

Click here to watch highlights and find links mentioned on Together Unlocked! and find out more about Together Unlocked!’s Animal Hosts here.

3 AUGUST 2020

Click here to watch the first 50 episodes of Together Unlocked!, created between March and July 2020 when the hosts were shielding.