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Here you can view films, photographs and artwork and read poems showcased on Something for the Weekend, and find links to websites and online events mentioned on the show. (You can watch the whole shows here). The content is usually listed in the order it appears on the show. This page is updated on Thursday afternoons and should be complete by 4pm.  We’d love to see any poems, arts and crafts you have created at home using the same themes or activities:

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13 January 2022

Screenshot of hostsDressing Up to Go Out to Stay In. Ju dressed up to support Emma Radacanu play tennis in Melbourne; Julie dressed up to go back in time with Dr Who to view the Rutland Ichthyosaur from the BBC’s Digging for Britain programme in real life (see BBC iPlayer); Tracy dressed up to go to Paris for a virtual poetry reading; and Robin dressed up to go to the Isle of Berk for the Dragon Training Academy.

Poems from the Together! 2012 Pop-Up Poetry Club Theme: ‘Winter’. Next week’s theme is ‘A poem about a painting’. Find out more here about how to join the Club, which takes place on Wednesday mornings from 10.30am-12 noon by phone (we call you and pay the costs). Or join in from home – we’d love to see your poems if you do:

Glory Sengo: Winter

When I was skiing down the snow
I was skiing really slow
And everyone was skiing faster
Then I was skiing slowly still
Then skiing down again
And I had a cup of tea and biscuits
Then I went on to do more skiing
Skiing slowly
Then I went to ski faster
And stopped and had my food
Which was fish and chips.

When the lady was skiing down very calmly
Then stood back up
And skiing down again
She was very hurtful
And starts skiing down
And she went wahhh ahh
She starts getting up and yelled very loud
And she stood back up and went skiing down
And then she went to have a cup of tea and biscuits
And put newspaper on her hair so that her hair would get dry
And she went up and skied back again
And stopped
And went to have fish and chips.

She scuttled down in the snow
Then stood back up
Then she was being hurtful
Then she started calming down
Skiing calmly
Then starts skiing fast
Then goes to have a cup of tea
Then goes and sits down for a bit
Then gets the newspaper on her hair
So that her hair would get dry
And she has a little bit of tea
Then goes skiing back again in the snow
And goes back and has some fish and chips.

Dawn Barber: Winter Walks

On a cold winter’s day he walks the pathway
The wind blows in his face
He pulls his scarf up to his neck and the collar of his coat
Even though it is cold he still has a walk every day
There’s a little café near home
He pops in to have a tea
Then he heads off to the library to get some more books
Time now to head off home to relax in his chair
Near a warm fire
But he thinks he shouldn’t sit in for too long
I must do something to keep myself busy
So his thoughts don’t take over everything.

Crystal Peasy: Winter

It’s very cold in the winter
In the wintertime people can catch cold or flu
And the weather is so bad
People get sick
That’s why people go to hospital
And also people can get pneumonia.

Dwain Bryan: The Signs of Winter

That chill in the air
The trees go bare
The frost and cold in your toes
That red mark on your nose
Your woolly hat and your scarf
The snow throwing marks you laugh
There is snow on the ground
And snow falling from the sky
You hope the day goes ok
And your world won’t delay
You don’t want to slip
You don’t want to slide
But you wish the reindeers
Will give you a ride
Winter blues, winter cold
You stay at home and try to be strong
And bold
What are the other signs of winter
How can you tell
At least it’s not as hot
Or as bad as hell.

Kate Rolison: Winter

Burrowing down beneath blanket,
Quilt, duvet
Barely leaving the house
A friend tells me it’s dark
When she sets off in the morning and dark
When she leaves work
For the small blessings
The piercing sun burning cold
Frost on the grass
And evergreen trees
So I search
For the small blessings
The piercing sun burning cold
Frost on the grass
And evergreen trees.

Julie Newman: January

The sun is low. Very little light
Shines through empty windows.
The holiday garlands now gone,
Leaving no space for shadows.
This can only be winter time. A glimmer
Of hope shines as the days grow longer,
And the sun grows stronger.

The dogs lie huddled in their beds,
Not anxious to run in the shaded frozen yard.
The cats sit looking through the windows, darkly
Hoping for the flash of wings, or the flick
Of a branch, blown by the wind.
No creatures stir outside, as the cold light
Harshly shows the shape of things not there.

But soon, soon, will the earth start to warm.
Life coming back as shoots start to form.
Soon, soon will the days lengthen further,
The birds return, and the sun shine longer.
Until then, we all huddle down, waiting for spring
To lighten our days. The cold reminds us
That time moves on and seasons change.

Alison Marchant: Winter

We barely see the light of day
And frost settles in the mornings
Icing the puddles and leaves cold to touch
The forest in its frosty glare
As the birds settle
This image I share
A Winter landscape
A chilly wind
Wrapping up warm
As the Robin sings
A solitary Magpie in the overgrown garden
Haunts me
One for sorrow
In an empty house of ghosts of things
Objects so dear.

Together! 2012 Art Club The Art Club runs a still-life session on Zoom from 11-12 every Friday morning: click on the photo to view a larger version and join in from home. We’d love to see your pictures: send them to Click here to find out how to join the Art Club.


The Art Club also runs a Make and Natter session on Zoom from 11-12 every Tuesday morning. Bring along your own work, or join in with inclusive recycled craft activities. Click here to find out how to join the Art Club You can view Duncan Bridgstock’s new exhibition of collages that he has created in the Art Club here.

Join in with Tracy: Make a foxglove from wrapping paper.

Join in with Sterre: Make a firework painting.

The Clockwork Paralimpics To join in at home, pick the toy on the right side or the left side of the screen to support before you start the video.

The Week Ahead

The Together! 2021 Disability History Month Festival has now ended, but recordings of all of the live events are available on our website, together with our exhibitions and Family Activities:

Ju recommends…

Dry Disco. 7-8.15pm for five Thursdays beginning 13 January. Free. Online. Primarily for women aged 40-65 Join theatre and dance company LYNNEBEC and Dr Emma Davies for a dance workshop series, promoting fun and wellbeing through dance. We are offering a supportive and non-judgmental space to hear a range of views where all dance abilities are welcome, so we can start a conversation that can inform new ways of talking about alcohol, health and wellbeing. Further details and book here:

Drawing Discussion with Victoria Clare Bernie & Fiona Michie. 6-7pm, Tuesday 18 January. Free. Online. Exhibiting artists Victoria Clare Bernie and Fiona Michie will introduce their drawings selected for the Trinity Buoy Wharf Drawing Prize 2021 exhibition and will discuss how drawing and landscape registers human actions with Professor Anita Taylor followed by a Q&A with the audience. (Together! 2012 CIC has a storage unit at TBW and our Chair’s studio is there.) Further details and book here:

Chronicle/Coracle: a talk by artist Jade Montserrat. 5.30-7pm, Wednesday 19 January. Free. Online. A series of performance films — ‘Clay, Peat and Cage’ are at York Art Gallery until 13 February — sparks conversations about land ownership, environmental crisis, race, trauma, belonging, and the body in art. Further details and book here:

Julie recommends… 

Winter Watch returns on BBC 2 on Tuesday 18th January at 8pm. The continuing seasonal nature wildlife series returns from familiar sites in Norfolk and Scotland. The website has the schedule and more resources with videos from past shows. The website and links can be found at 

Why does Comedy Make Us Happy. A free online talk about comedy can be booked for either live or on demand. 
The discussion is led by Dr Angus Fletcher and looks at the three main effects that comedy has upon the brain and why it is shared universally. Further details and book here:

A new free popular online word game has been created. 
This was devised by an American man and his wife who wanted to make a challenging word game that could be available online for free. It consists of five opportunities to find a five letter word using clues about each letter that is correct and either in the wrong or right place within the ultimate correct word. It is renewed daily. Follow this link to download the game:

Robin recommends…

Windows On The World. 4pm – 5pm, Saturday 15 January. Free. Online. Join Manchester Art Gallery guide Julia as she takes viewers through the way artists use windows to make you look at things, often in particular ways, sometimes for beauty other times for darker reasons. Further details and book here:

Speak the Word: poetry and spoken word writing workshop. 6-7.30pm, Saturday 15 January. Free. Online. Poetry and spoken word sessions open to people of all abilities.  On the 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month, Speak the Word runs a poetry and spoken word writing workshop. An inclusive and encouraging group, and whoever you are and whatever your relationship with poetry, all are welcome.  Further details and book here:

Tracy recommends …

Six Music Festival. Anytime Free on BBC iPlayer. 6 Music Festival is hosted by Cerys Matthews and brings you a collection of films from past festivals, interviews and studio performances:

Around The World In 80 Days. Anytime Free on BBC iPlayer. Join David Tennant stars as Phileas Fogg the improbable traveller, as he rises to the challenge of journeying around the planet in 80 days:

Earth’s Tropical Islands. Anytime Free on BBC iPlayer. Exploring some of the world’s most isolated and iconic tropical islands with the narration by David Harewood. See the incredible creatures evolved to meet the demands of each unique Island’s features:

And finally…. Robin Surgeoner speaks to artists from the Black Box in Belfast and tdhey play their new video for us, It Is Hard to Find Words for Feelings. The video was funded by Disability Arts Online with support from Together! 2012 CIC.

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