Smoking Policy

Together! 2012 CIC provides a smoke-free zone including at outdoor activities, recognising our legal responsibilities not to allow smoking and that Team members / participants / audience members and others may be allergic to smoke and/or have lung conditions which will be made worse by smoke and/or are struggling with addiction and related financial difficulties and/or are upset by the smell of smoke on their clothes. (Smokers should wait until their clothes are free of smoke before entering or re-entering an activity.)

Team members will establish where smoking is and isn’t allowed at the venues we use, and will check that this will also meet our policy as above. If not — for example, if smoking is allowed near entrances by the venue management — then the Together! 2012 CIC policy over-rides the venue’s policy i.e. Team members must not smoke there and participants and audience members should be requested not to.

Please note that smoking may not be allowed anywhere on council-owned property, in recognition of the fact that local authorities now bear the legal responsibility for health promotion. Please also note that Together! 2012 CIC may be barred from using a venue in the future if residents complain about people associated with our activities smoking in the street, so smoking outside in residential areas should be avoided by Team members and discouraged in others.