Together! 2024 Open Exhibition

Welcome to the Together! 2024 Open Exhibition, taking place annually in July to celebrate Disability Pride Month. Curated by Alison Marchant and the Together! 2012 Team, our annual exhibition brings together work by amateur, community, student, semi-professional and professional Disabled artists of all ages. Anyone with a Newham or Together! 2012 CIC connection – for example, living, studying, working or volunteering in Newham now or in the past, or taking part in Together! 2012 activities – and who identifies as a Deaf or Disabled person* is able to submit one family-friendly work for guaranteed inclusion. *Including people with learning difficulties, long-term mental health difficulties, physical or sensory impairments and long-term health conditions, from all ages and cultural groups. Clicking on an image will display it at full size to enable you to ‘get up close’.

Exhibiting Artists: Sharifa Acchodi, Sabina Bakht, Dawn Barber, Sarah Barker, Sean Bedminster, Susan Ellen Bonmoie, Lee Brooker, Dwain Bryan, Rebecca Cavanagh, Andrew Chuka, Angus M. Davie, Gregory Eboji, Georgina Evans, Layla Glantz, Ju Gosling, Ella Higginbottom, Laura Holland, Jemima Hughes, Robert Jordan, Mohammed Khaieh, Bobi Livingston, Tony Malone, Alison Marchant, Pippa Marshall, Mighty Mega Club, Julie Newman, June Owen, Pritesh Patel, Marie Powell, Elaine Prosper, Ben Rogers, Kate Rolison, Joan Sanders, Aaima Sorash, Eve Smith, Sumaia Sultana, Darren Towns, Tracy Vidal, Renée Wallen, Deborah Ward, Whyspa, John Woolston, Celia Wilson.  Thanks to: Art For Fun, Children’s Discovery Centre, INUF, Together! Art Club and all of the exhibiting artists for their support.

Jemima Hughes. Millie On My Lap. Watercolour. 32 x 24cm. 2024.

Tony Malone. Peaking Cat.
Watercolour on paper. 40x30cm on rag paper. 2024

Ben Rogers. Wandering. Digital image. 2024.

Art For Fun 11. Collage and felt pen on paper. A3. 2024.

Dwain Bryan. My Cave. Multi-Media. 11.5” x 8”. 2024.

Art For Fun 10. Collage with coloured paper. A3. 2024.

Art For Fun 15. Collage with coloured paper, paint and felt pen. A3. 2024.

As you look at the image you will see two people stood back to back, one is naked and one is wrapped from head to toe in white bandage like material, the people float in a black space.

Layla Glantz. Un-Veil. Manipulated media still. 2008/2024.

Art For Fun 2. Paint on paper. A4. 2023.

An A3 drawing on black paper of three brown and white Scots pine trees with green foliage. The trees' white roots are visible and lead on to a lace-like white web of mycelium.

Kate Rolison. Mycorrhizal Network – sketch for embroidery. Colouring pencil on black paper. A3. 2024.

Pippa Marshall. Paper. Approx 5cm diameter each. 2024.

Tracy Vidal. The squared circle autumnal one. Mixed media. 30cm x 30cm. 2024.

Renee Wallen. Iris. Acrylic paint on canvas. 10″ x 10″. 2024.

Whyspa. The Visitor. Acrylic paint on taped together photographs. 76cm x 80cm. 2024.

Digitally manipulated image of a crushed energy drink can inside a clump of long grass. The grass is orange, purple and yellow as well as green.

Ju Gosling. Codwch Sbwriel! Digital image. 2023.

Art For Fun 7. Watercolour pencil on paper. A3. 2024.

Art For Fun 13. Watercolour on paper. A3. 2024.

Julie Newman. Yesterday. Gouache on 300mg watercolour paper. A3. 2024.

Pritesh Patel. See my boat. Poster paint. 2024.

Image description: a bright, colourful A4 drawing in felt tip of a rainbow over a lake of waterlilies by green grass. The rainbow is surrounded by butterflies and bees.

Sumaia Sultana. Nature. Felt tip on paper. A4. 2024.

Art For Fun 1. Felt pen and pencil on paper. A4. 2024.

Eve Smith. Colourful Objects. Felt tip pen on paper. A4. 2024.

Art For Fun 9. Pencil and paints on paper. A4. 2024.

Gregory Eboji. Van Gogh’s France. Oil Pastel on Paper. 11.5” x 11.5”. 2024.

Aaima Sorash. Dinosaurs Go Rawr. A4. Colouring pencil and pen on paper. 2024.

Art For Fun 8. Felt pen and pencil on paper. 8” x 8”. 2024.

Celia Wilson. Birds on Starlight. Ink Pen on paper. 9½” x 9½”. June 2024.

Art For Fun 12. Collage with coloured paper. A3. 2024.

Art For Fun 14. Watercolour and pencil on paper. A3. 2024.

Art For Fun 16. Collage on paper A3. 2024.

Marie Powell. Connections. Ink Pen on Paper. 16’ x 11½”. 2024.

Dawn Barber. Pillar of Colours. Ink Pen on Paper. 16” x 12”. 2024.

Ella Higginbottom. Leonard and Me. Ink Pen on Paper. 6’ x 4”. 2024.

Laura Holland. Elysian Fields. Oil pastel on paper. 11” x 8”. 2024.

Lee Brooker. Shoes. Watercolour pencils. A3. 2024.

Art For Fun 17. Paint and pencil on calico. 2.5” x 11”. 2024.

Mighty Mega Club. Space Map! Colour pencils, marker pens on paper. 80cm X 2.5m. 2024.

Art For Fun 6. Calligraphy ink on paper. A3. 2024.

Art For Fun 4. Calligraphy ink and pencil on paper. A3. 2024.

Art For Fun 3. Calligraphy ink on paper. A3. 2024.

Art For Fun 5. Calligraphy ink on paper. A3. 2024.

Angus M. Davie. Second Chance? Virtual Portrait. Avatars dressed by Angus M. Davie & Valylia Adored. Ink on card. 8’ x 10”.

Alison Marchant. Administration Sale. Digital Photograph. 2024

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