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Together! 2012 UNLOCKEDHere you can view films, photographs and artwork and read poems showcased on Together Unlocked! You can also find links to websites and online events mentioned on the show. You can watch the whole shows here

5 JUNE 2020

Madge Gill (Maude Ethel Eaves, 1882-1961) is one of Newham’s best-known artists, and is being celebrated today as part of Newham Heritage Month with films, online workshops and images of her work. Newham Heritage Month has a wide range of events and activities for people of all ages and abilities.

Pritesh Patel: Buses

Josh Surgeoner: 

Coloured version of the previous drawing, with added yellow







Something for the Weekend:

3 JUNE 2020

Paizah Malek and Act Up! Newham: Coronavirus poem

Taylor Henville: Time Feels Frozen

Time feels frozen,
A rebellious stance
Against the glaring heat of the sun,
Refusing to thaw.

Inside our houses,
Actions are done on loop
Eat, sleep, exercise repeat
With some time set aside for whimsy.

Just like routine,
We stand in solidarity with time,
In the shade where it’s cool.

Be patient, be cool,
Don’t fan the flames of conspiracy and hate,
And eventually,
Life outside will change and start anew.

We’ll acclimatise
And time will start to melt
And slip through our fingers like water.

Taylor Henville: The Mirror

In a chamber of this castle
Far away from view
I lie here and observe my surroundings in this room.
Moss green velvet curtains guard the window
Hanging heavy at its sides.
Large tapestries with stern faces
Glare down, stitched in time.
Oak wood wardrobes and chest of drawers
Stand tall against the wall
Looming as though they mean to topple and fall
I can see all this in the grand wall mirror
As I lie in my four poster bed
As sleep evades me.

But as I reflect on my reflection
I notice something strange
That in the mirror the chamber door stands ajar
While here the door is bolted.
I sit up in horror as I see more things
Start to appear through the looking glass.
Here in my room through open curtains
The moon shines bright.
In the mirror the curtains are drawn
And a single candle flickers and glows
Trapped behind the glass.

Suddenly, in the mirror the candle explodes
Into a raging fire
With this I jump out of bed, running to the door
And with one last look behind me I see
The blaze burst through its restraints
The mirror in shatters, a barrier no more.

Dawn Barber: Angel

I have an Angel that sits on my shoulder,
She will look after me until I get older,
She smiles at me with her lovely bright eyes,
When I worry or have anxiety,
She will take it away like the waves of the sea,
She will strengthen me every day,
She will help me follow my dreams,
She will give me hugs and make me feel secure,
She will help me now and when I get older,
The Angel that sits on my shoulder.

Virtual Naturewatch with Precious Newman

1 JUNE 2020

A landscape-shaped brightly coloured drawing in pencil and crayon, showing stylised birds flying over a house. The river Thames can be seen at the bottom of the picture, and a shining sun to the right. House is written in the middle, next to a blue house with a yellow roof, and the predominant colours are orange-red, yellow and blue with green wings for the birds.

Home by Pritesh Patel

Regard, the national LGBTQI+ Disabled People’s Organisation. For more information about Regard Facebook and email groups and new Regard Zooms, contact

Wikipedia on the Stonewall Riots

Chains by Ju Gosling aka ju90

29 MAY 2020

Download the lyrics and music for We Will Survive

Birds by Pritesh Patel

Relax with Awa by Act Up! Newham

Something for the Weekend:

YouTube live space launch 
Chris Hatfield singing Space Oddity from space station 
Harry Potter digital escape room
We are One international film festival
The British Museum online collections
Includes links to a free Kaiser Chiefs concert at 8pm on Saturday 
Urban virtual fete from Greenwich Peninsula on Sunday
Zen and the Art of Photojournalism | With David Butow

27 MAY 2020

Together by Mark Noble

Together in perfect harmony
With a moon shining upon your sweet eye
I can hear you calling softly in the wind
Whispering joy, happiness and harmony
We walk on the beach
I hear you calling from the heavenly stars
It’s just like a dream
A warm wind blowing, softening your hair
It is timeless, never-ending
Marcus as the Morning Star
Let us walk on the beach
Hearing the waves softly crashing
It’s like an everlasting harmony
Because we are together until eternity.

Isolation by Paizah Malek

Act Up! Newham: We love Newham

Newham Heritage Month 

Penny Pepper’s website

Nature watch with Precious Newman

22 MAY 2020

This is a painting of a brown boat on a calm piece of blue water. with a moon and starry sky in the background. Moonlight forms a path across the lake to the boat, whose colour is also reflected on thee. water.

Mark Noble: painting

Coloured drawing in felt tip pen in portrait format. In the bottom half of the page is a man's head, with dark skin and dark curly hair. In the top half of the drawing, a thought bubble is divided vertically with yellow on the left and green to the right. The right half is filled with drawings of outdoor activities and the left is mainly blank, but a row of hearts joins them towards the bottom.

Pritesh Patel: Drawing my thoughts

The past and the future by Ellen Goodey

Weight on my shoulders by Awa Jagne

Something for the Weekend:

Survivors Poetry on Facebook

Amici Dance

Virtual Durham tourism

Virtual Costa Rica tourism:

Time Out things to do this weekend

Free breath meditation workshop

Bristol takeover

Virtual Chelsea:

Chat Newham (free support line). Open 10am-4pm Monday to Friday. Tel: 0808 1963510
Mental Health Awareness Week
Switchboard LGBT+ Helpline

20 MAY 2020

Sterre Ploeger: My Dog is a Good Dog

Penny Pepper’s website

Chat Newham (free support line). Open 10am-4pm Monday to Friday. Tel: 0808 1963510
Mental Health Awareness Week
Switchboard LGBT+ Helpline

18 MAY 2020

Sterre Ploeger and Hannah Facey join in with Gareth Malone’s Great British Home Chorus

Join Gareth Malone’s Great British Home Chorus

Mental Health Awareness Week

Ju Gosling aka ju90: Eligibility Test

15 MAY 2020

Pritesh Patel: VE Day flypast.

Pritesh Patel holding up his picture of the Red Arrows VE Day flypast.

Alien Tourists on YouTube

The Recycled Band

Join in from Home:

The Hands Project
Make your own percussion instruments

Something for the Weekend:

How to watch the celebration:
Eurovision on YouTube:

Virtual Chelsea:

BP Portrait Award virtual exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery:

13 MAY 2020

Changes:  A Dance Piece by Act Up! Newham

Nature watch with Precious Newman

Ju Gosling aka ju90: For Ava

11 MAY 2020

Red Arrows on VE Day by Sterre Ploeger
Music course for 8-15 year olds:

50th anniversary of the Chronically Sick and Disabled Persons Act:

6 MAY 2020

Nature watch with Precious Newman

Adobe Behance for showcasing digital artwork and learning new techniques for free:

4 MAY 2020

Covid 19 pandemic

Covid 19 may be a time to weep,
Or a time to mourn for some,
For others it may be a new time has begun,
A time when we realise we’re in isolation,
But we’re not alone because we need to help someone,
Or the helping each other has now begun.

We may have woken up to this fact that’s been known by some,
But we were conditioned to believe this was wrong,
My hope is that the time we remember this will be long,
Because by helping each other in community we become strong.

Try to remember the birds in the trees still sing their song,
Without so much pollution the ozone layer is a healing one,
Given a chance Mother Nature is strong,
This is a chance if we take this one.

Please don’t bow down or crumble in fear,
Somehow remember who’s near,
Pick up the phone or email someone,
As joined together we are stronger than just being one.

by R.A. Brook

The River Thames by Ellen Goodey

Snapfish free prints app:

Waterlogue photo app:

1 MAY 2020

Act Up! Newham: Don’t Cry Eva, Don’t Cry

Folk in Motion wheelchair folk dance company

29 APRIL 2020

Find out more about the Paralym World Art Cup and how to enter here:

Music and Light with Jo-anne Cox

Nature watch with Precious Newman

Chorus from Angry Fish: Inalienable Rights

I’ve got my rights and they are completely sustainable
Sanctioned by the UN as simply inalienable
You can’t shoot me cause I’m Black or beat me up cause I’m disabled
Cause the European Convention on Human Rights has been completely enabled

27 APRIL 2020

Apply for a virtual commission for the Together! 2020 Disability History Month Festival:

Dance along with Krip Hop Nation in tribute to Rob da Noise Temple: I don’t judge you.

Sterre Ploeger: Making a plaque with my hands

Ellen Goodey: When I close my eyes

If you enjoyed the excerpt from I’m a Gnu by Flanders and Swann, here is the Muppets version:

24 APRIL 2020

Jade Sempare: Dressing Up To Go Out to Stay In
– remember to send us your photos and videos on Friday mornings

Blossom Watch

Blossom in Birmingham

Blossom in East London

Smartphone Photography Techniques


Something for the Weekend:

Join in a relaxed performance from home of The Twisted Tale of Hansel and Gretel. You can watch here and find printable programmes and tickets, guidance on relaxed performances and join-in activities here:

Virtual Kew Gardens:

San Diego Zoo live cams

Lesflicks Online. A programme of more than 30 live events with lesbian filmmakers and actors and 10+ virtual watch parties with lesbian films, running until 30 May.

22 APRIL 2020

Act Up! Newham: Happy Easter

Nature watch with Precious Newman

Tribute to Rob Da Noize Temple

Rob da Noize Temple RIP

Ju Gosling aka ju90: The Revenge of the Invisible People

20 APRIL 2020

Tribute to Lyn Levett Euphoria by Lyn Levett, with visuals by Ju Gosling starring Eve Smith

You can also watch Space and Stream Dream by Lyn Levett.

Interview with Eve Smith

Sterre Ploeger: Easter Crafts

Ju Gosling aka ju90: QuALitY of Life

17 APRIL 2020

Nature watch with Precious Newman (full-length version). 

Emily Surgeoner: Dressing Up to Go Out to Stay In

Colour photograph of a young teenage girl with light. brown hair sitting in a kitchen in a wheelchair. She is dressed in a short-sleeved green t-shirt, a wide brown belt, and a short blue patterned skirt with pull-up socks.

Emily Surgeoner: Dressed Up to Go Out to Stay In

15 APRIL 2020

Act Up! Newham: We’ll Meet Again.

Act Up! Newham: Staying at Home.

Pritesh Patel: Rainbow.

9 APRIL 2020

Act Up! Newham: Isolation.

Meet the Surgeoners.

Virtual Naturewatch with Precious Newman (unedited).

5 APRIL 2020

Sterre Ploeger: Rainbow.

Colour photograph of a young woman smiling by a window where she has created a rainbow from tissue paper.

Sterre Ploeger: Rainbow.

Ju Gosling aka ju90: Metamorphosis paused.

3 APRIL 2020

Ju Gosling: Dressed for Deliveries!

Colour photograph of woman dressed in green waterproofs wearing a mask and surgical gloves

Ju Gosling: Dressed for deliveries!

1 APRIL 2020

Introducing the ju90 studio.

30 MARCH 2020

Pritesh Patel: Coronavirus Monster.