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Together! 2012 UNLOCKEDHere you can view films, photographs and artwork and read poems showcased on Together Unlocked! and find links to websites and online events mentioned on the show. (You can watch the whole shows here including captions on the videos).

7 AUGUST 2020

Lee Brookner: DrivingDrawing of a red Volkswagen Beetle car with a photo of the artist's face pasted into the driver's side

Pamela Hillyer: Crocheted baby’s jacketPhotograph of an elaborately crocheted baby jacket in pink and white

A Nice Cup of Tea – the Shielders’ ShantyLyrics to A Nice Cup of Tea – the Shielders’ Shanty


New US Olympic and Paralympic Museum:

Google Arts and Culture bringing together the virtual programmes of hundreds of art galleries and museums from across the world.

Virtual Fringe Central, a resource opening today and running until 31 August for anyone interested in bringing a production to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in future years, and useful more generally.

The Canal Boat Museum

An overview of the development of the British canal system:
More on Roses and Castles:
A song by Geoff Summerfield about canal boats and the Roses and Castles:

Coral City Camera, a 24-hour art and science project monitoring a coral reef off of the coast of Miami, Florida:

5 AUGUST 2020

Poems from the Together! Pop-Up Poetry Club

The Together! Pop-Up Poetry Club now meets as a phone-based group on Wednesday mornings from 10.30-11am, where we call you and pay all of the costs. Contact for more information. This week’s theme was light and shade. If you’d like to join in from home, next week’s theme is positive and negative at the same time.

Duncan Bridgstock: The blues in my flat

The blues in my flat
are  the blues
where it’s at
the blues in your head
are the blues under your bed
the blues in your cupboard
aren’t so untoward
the blues in the loo
well, they will
just have to do
the blues under the stairs
will make you
eat eclairs
the blues in the tv remote
are the blues
that get my vote
the blues in the washing machine
will make you
vent your spleen
the blues in the toilet flush
are the blues
that will make you blush
the blues in the microwave
will make you
go to a rave
the blues in the keyhole
will drive you
up the pole
the blues in your laugh
make you look like
a giraffe
the blues in salads
they come from Harrods
the blues in your food
will be accompanied by
Glenn Miller’s
In the Mood
that’s the blues dear reds.

Julie Newman: I welcome the dark

I welcome the dark
It carries no fear for me.
My spirits rise as the world sleeps on
Blissful, at peace until the dawn.
No threat for me in the closing of the shutters
Pushing out the day and sending away
The warmth of the light.

I love the night, when all is still
And sounds echo with a strangeness
Becoming unfamiliar in a new world.
Where creatures call and fight,
Hidden in the shadows where the light
No longer shines, but is dimly
Finding corners and nooks.

Colours fade but gathering a new power
In their depth and mystery, they hold
The secrets not to be seen by day.
Yellows seem white, blues become black
And reds no longer blaze in glory.
Shadows loom where once the gloom
Was shining bright with light.

I am not afraid of the dark.
It is welcome as a friend.
The intrusions of the day no longer play
On the surface of my mind.
The night gives peace with time to think
Undisturbed by the rush of other people’s lives.
Alone with the creatures of the night.

Robin Surgeoner: Make Hay in The Grey 

Bright light searing in the dead of night
Dream states shattered at the flick of a switch
Flames lick at tinder hearts
Migraine, eye pain, driving people insane
Blinded, blinkered, belligerent
Hostile harsh harassing
The edifice of light, a false dawn, a juxtaposition of encounters

Not darkness, murky hope peeks in through shaded offers of contemplative freedom

Nightmares tamed

Relief, comfort, swaddling auras warming souls

A place to feel, a place to play, a place to love, make hay in the grey

A place to pretend, a place to emerge, a place to feel safe, away from the day

A place to hide, a place to protect, a place to embrace, a place to reflect

A place to discover, a place to repair, a place to shelter from the glare of despair

While others suggest that light is the guide, to love lust and happiness, you must decide

Do you want to be judged, to be put on display? Or would you prefer, to make hay in the grey?

Dawn Barber: Gemma

There was a pretty little girl called Gemma,
who didn’t have an umbrella,
Poor little girl,
She will get all wet,
Time to save her pennies to buy a new one,
She would like it to be red so when it’s pouring,
She can put it over her head, for a very rainy day,
Gemma, the pretty little girl,

Duncan Bridgstock: PARKY

i never had the blues
in the greens
of green
the green trees
and bees
are ever such
a tease
buzz buzz buzz
here come the fuzz
and the cops
love the hops
hop skip and jump
down a country lane
is their refrain

in the park
there’s lots of bark
and fleas
in the trees
where all the local yokels
go for their bifocals

green sleeves
green collar
green cuffs
green pants
in the park
you can get fit
but if you drop litter
then you’re a git
take your litter
back to your bed sitter.

Alison Marchant: Light and Shade

It’s night and the street lights cast shadows around the room moving and flickering,

Leaves and branches of trees in dappled shade glide across the mirror reflecting and hovering in my sleeplessness.

Dwain Bryan: The Earth

How the Earth has changed from day to day,
As I look up to the sky, I see birds fly,
by the creation a flower grows,
Small bugs on the floor creeping and crawling around,
in small moves and not a sound,
The sea filled with fish can look very tasty on your dish,
As the waves beat upon the shore,
It reminds me of so much more,
You can say the Earth’s a beautiful place and you can say the Earth’s an absolute disgrace,
The oil spilling on the birds on the sea by the beach,
The Earth rotates around the sun,
Hot like a hot cross bun.

Dawn Barber: Dark and Light

The trees are shining through my living room window,
Some green leaves are blowing on them outside
making little tiny movements,
Each time the leaves blow another shadow appears,
One of them looks like a spider but it won’t get in,
because it’s only the shadow of the leaves,
How the sun can do wonderful things.

Duncan Bridgstock: Light and Shade

A voyage around me
i step out of myself
and i look around
at myself
from outside
half in light
half in shade
where aliens
can’t invade
and my shoes
are made of suede
but my blues are on parade.


Virtual Naturewatch with Precious Newman

How to get your dog to drink more water with Jazz Gosling

Gaming links for Apple App Store – Android users copy the name:

3 AUGUST 2020

Coral City Camera, a 24-hour art and science project monitoring a coral reef off of the coast of Miami, Florida:

Space X Crew Dragon Enterprise return to earth view on NASA and on YouTube

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