Dance Films Sunday 3 December 2023

Sunday’s Dance Films feature Deaf and Disabled dancers from the UK, US, Spain and Argentina. This programme has now ended.

still from the filmDown. Imogen Butler. United Kingdom. 2023. 3m 45s. No Dialogue. F, D. The dancers were asked to explore dancing with a chair and with contact. They started this dance on Zoom and then continued to create dance work once they started to meet in person.

Still from filmIn my skin. Sándor M. Salas. Spain. 2022. 14m. UK Premiere. No Dialogue. DDD. Far from homogenizing parameters, flamenco uses the subversive power of art to enhance the diverse bodies on stage. Disability is no longer a limit, but a creative starting point.

Still from filmMutant woman. María José Nóbile. Argentina. 2023. 5m 21s. World Premiere. No Dialogue. FF, DD. Roxana, a dancer from the city of La Plata, builds a poetic and unique story from a new physical condition. Her dance invites us to reflect on the aesthetic ideals of the language of dance, and the ableist bias in the arts of movement.

still from the filmForest. Natalie Haslam. United Kingdom. 2023. 6m 44s. London Premiere. In English with English captions. F, D. ‘FOREST’, a film supported by The National Forest, explores our connection to nature and green spaces around us. The film has been co-created by That! Dance, an inclusive dance company based in Staffordshire.

The Power of Dance. Dan Lownstein. United Kingdom. 2023. 3m 21s. In English with English captions. D. Join two Magpie Dancers as they prepare for a company show, find out what Dance means to them and how being a part of Magpie Dance has impacted their lives.



still from the filmSeen (not) Heard (Alyssa’s story). Lara Michelle Friedman-Kats. United States. 3m 36s. International Premiere. In English with English captions). FFF, DD. A documentary dance film about Alyssa Santos. By only looking at the surface of the individual, we fail to acknowledge the depth and impact of another human being standing right before us.

still from the filmTouching Time: Minnahanonck/Roosevelt Island. Petra Kuppers. United States. 2023. 10m 50s. No Dialogue, Audio Visual Description. FF, DDD. A diverse cohort of disability artists living in Lenape (Lenapehoking) Terrority (what is now known as New York City) come together for site-specific movement sketches on Roosevelt Island, a historical site of hospitals, mental asylums, and prisons.

Still from Herstory Opera filmHerStory. Amy Mallett. United Kingdom. 2023. 30m. Festival Premiere. No Dialogue (Operatic Singing). FF, D. An opera film featuring the creative talents of 85 people living with Parkinsons from across the UK. The opera is inspired by the extraordinary exploits of historical Suffolk heroine, Margaret Catchpole (1762-1819), who achieved notoriety when she stole a horse and rode it from Ipswich to London in 1797. Written by Suffolk-born composer Amy Mallett, the piece incorporates music, libretto, choreography and visual art co-created with members of the Parkinson’s community.

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