Kitchen Carnival Silver Bat mask

To make the Silver Bat mask you need:

  • The cardboard inner from a kitchen towel roll
  • OR the cardboard inner from a toilet roll AND some card from an empty cereal packet or similar


  • Kitchen foil
  • 2 x milk bottle or other bottle tops
  • Scissors
  • Dark-coloured or black felt-tipped pen
  • Glue stick
  • Paperclip or hairgrip.
  • A paper PPE face mask.

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Step 1: Making the headband and ears from a toilet roll inner and a cereal packet. 

Take your cardboard inner roll and cut it along the glue line with the scissors.

Flatten out the inner roll and cut between the two shortest points. These are your ears. Leave them to flatten out further under a pan or tin while you make the headband.

Take your cereal packet, open up the top and bottom flaps and then cut off one side. Then cut the side lengthways to create two equal-sized strips of card. Now go to Step 2.

Alternative Step 1: Making the headband and ears from a kitchen towel inner roll.

Take your cardboard inner roll and cut it along the glue line with the scissors.
Spread out the card (using weights may help). Draw a line at each end to create a rectangle and two triangles.

Cut off the triangles to make your ears, and then cut along the glue line again to create two thin strips of card.

Step 2: Finishing the headband

Glue your two thin strips of card together to make one long strip. Now glue the ears either side of the join. Make sure that the long straight ends of the ears are furthest away from the join.

When the glue is dry, join the card together at the front using your hairgrip or paperclip. Put it on your head and adjust it to fit loosely. Use your pen or pencil to mark where the join is before you take the paperclip off again. Now glue the band together at the front, using the mark as a guide. You can use the paperclip or hairgrip again to hold it together while it is drying.

Step 3: Decorating the headband

Next, take the kitchen foil and cut off some squares. Decide whether you want to use the shiny or matt side, then start folding the squares around the hat band and ears. Use your fingers to shape the ears.

Now your headband and ears will look like this (can you tell which headband is made from which inner roll, and which one is made with the shiny side of the kitchen foil?)

Step 4: Making the Eyes

Bats are not blind – they have round eyes. Draw a dot with your pen in the middle of each bottle top to make the pupils. Then glue the eyes onto the headband.

Step 5: Decorating the PPE mask

Use a felt-tipped pen to draw a nose and mouth on your mask – here are two easy ways.  Don’t wear the mask while you can still smell the felt-tipped pen.


Now you are ready to make your wings!
You can find out more about real bats here.

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