Ian Farrant exhibition

Ian Farrant says: This series of portraits reflects the effort, dedication and passion that these competitors need to have, particularly as disabled athletes. They show us that anything is possible with the right mental attitude, application and effort. Through the use of a black background and dramatic lighting I have been able to isolate the athletes, totally focusing the viewers’ attention on the subjects. There is always intense pressure on athletes, and many of the sports are incredibly tough. I myself have played wheelchair rugby in the past, and  recognise how dedicated these athletes must be in order to succeed. They train for years so that they can compete as part of the Paralympic team, and for this particular Team GB the 2012 Paralympics is particularly special as it is on home soil. You can read an article about Ian here: http://www.scope.org.uk/news/disability-2012/ian-farrant

A larger exhibition by Ian Farrant will take place in Newham as part of Disability History Month (22 Nov to 22 Dec 2012).

Wheelchair basketball

Justin Phillips Sitting down volleyball player

Roxan Luckock 48kg Weightlifter

Nigel Murray Boccia player

Liam O’Reilly Wheelchair tennis player