Nucleus: Sarah Hughes

Woodland Scenes. Paint on paper. 6 x 16” x 20”. 2012.

Sarah Hughes in front of her exhibit Woodland Scenes.

Sarah Hughes in front of her exhibit Woodland Scenes.

Sarah Hughes obtained her degree in Visual Arts at Middlesex University and qualified as a teacher at Leeds, followed by more than 15 years working in educational settings. Sarah is also experienced in working with small groups of service users and other vulnerable adults, and has additional social care experience. Sarah was the Poetry and Spoken Word Producer for the Together! 2012 festival, and is now the Programme Director for Together! 2012 CIC.

Sarah says: “I was inspired to return to landscape painting when an exhibition of Russian landscape painters came to the National Gallery. In particular, the landscape paintings by an artist called Shishkin caught my attention through their complete beauty and mastery. I already had a deep-rooted preference for landscape painting, loving works by Cezanne, Monet and Paul Nash.

“In my work I aim to create depth using colour and line, but at the same time to respect the flat pattern made by the shapes of the trees and shades of colour. My colours are often pastel, as I enjoy painting with a significant content of white in the paint. The final image can be decorative or descriptive, as the viewer appreciates for themselves. My ultimate aim is to celebrate the beauty of nature nearby, and I hope the viewer appreciates the importance of nature as much as I do.

“If the weather is manageable I go out and find a view I wish to paint. I use acrylic paint, mostly on A3 paper. I map out the images in off white colours and then develop the light and mid-tones, and finally darker tones. I normally paint for slightly under one hour, or as the temperature and weather dictate.

“I find walking in the parks and woodlands very therapeutic. Woods and forests have a beautiful, magical quality that is refreshing and endearing. I paint this subject matter as I love nature and want to capture its life and soul. The woods were made by our God, and are free and wild.”

Woodland Scenes: paintings by Sarah Hughes.

Woodland Scenes: paintings by Sarah Hughes.

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