Together Unlocked! Highlights & Links June 2020

29 JUNE 2020

Gypsy, Roma and Traveller History Month

Full performance of Crystal’s Vardo (until 30 June 2020)


Glastonbury Festival Links to films


Emily Surgeoner Pride Assembly

Global Pride For individual films either by artist or country search for ‘global pride 2020’.


Sterre Ploeger demonstrates how to marble paper with nail varnish.

At Home with in Newham with Ju Gosling aka ju90

Newham Heritage Month

26 JUNE 2020

Olive Morris
Remembering Olive Collective

Water colour paintings by Margaret Spence

Watercolour painting of an Irish rural scene, with grass in the foreground and a church among trees in the background, with hills in the distanceWatercolour painting showing the sea as seen from a beach, which fills the foreground. Rocks on both sides frame the sky and water, with a lighthouse visible in the distance to the leftWater colour painting of a river running through Ireland, with a tree on the bank reflected in the water.

Imagine by Act Up! Newham

Drain brain: Nasa offers prize money for best lunar loo design


Glastonbury online
Emily Eavis Desert Island Discs

Global Pride 2020

Beeple. Direct link to everydays page of different home-based activities


Newham Heritage Month

24 JUNE 2020

Greater Manchester Coalition of Disabled People Including a film made for their tenth anniversary

Daffodils in February by Sahera Khan

Pride Cat Style by Robin Brook

I am clever, I am a kitten, see where I can choose to sleep,
Look where I am on the small ledge of the window,
Yes I can be comfortable on the slimmest of space,
Unlike you from the clumsy human race,
Oh it’s so good to dream from up here on my chosen space,

Thump! Oh drat wrong move, I’ve fallen down from grace,
Oh this is a disaster for the whole feline race,
What is that laughter I hear from that human face?
I’ll just lay here on the windowsill and pretend it’s him in disgrace.

Oh no, that’s not working at all, now what can I do? This is cutting my Pride.
I’ll just slither down, paws out in front on the wall,
Oh no, that’s not working, he’s laughing at me,
I know, I’ll wash myself and let all know that I’m clean,
Look, forget what you think you have seen,
Because I’m a cool feline, and we reign supreme.

This still isn’t working now what can I plot?
I know, give that look that us cats can do with all that I’ve got,
I will make him think that he’s losing the plot,
I’ll make him feel guilty, just wait and see,
Yep, to distract him will work, now what can it be?

Oh good, he’s given me what I need,
A piece of foil paper in a ball just for me,
So I’ll run, make a noise so you’ll look at me,
I’ll make you forget what you thought you have seen,
Oh I’m a kitten and don’t you just love me, yes you do, look at me!

Survivors Poetry on Facebook – contact the organisers for details of the monthly Zooms.

Virtual Naturewatch with Precious Newman

Interview with athlete Brian Bell about being a Person of Colour and a Paralympian in the US.

Olympic Day

22 JUNE 2020

Newham Heritage Month
Canning Town Folk exhibition
Canning Town Trio animation
Folk in Motion’s upcycled costumes

Paper rainbow people by EJay SurgeonerA chain of paper people painted in rainbow colours hangs in a window

Travellers Pride

Travellers Movement LGBTQI Support

Join in from Home with Jessica Starns’ audio installation commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Education (Handicapped Children) Act 1970 on 23 July, which gave Disabled children the right to an education for the first time. Jessica is asking: How inclusive is our school education system today? Or what would your ideal school look like? Record yourself on audio for up to one minute and send it to You can be any age to take part, but if you are under 18 you will need a parent’s or guardian’s permission. You can create recordings on iPhones with the Voice Memos app, or if you have an Android phone download a voice-recording app, or use video and leave Jessica to discard the images.

Greater Manchester Coalition of Disabled People is 35 today: @GMDCP

Angry Fish at the Oikos Cafe

Angry  Fish at the  Midsummer Festival

Act Up! Newham: We’ll Meet Again.

19 JUNE 2020


Commissioning opportunities for Diverse artists

Newham Heritage Month

World, a sign-poem by Sahera Khan


Evening of Creativity (tonight from 7.30pm)

Midsummer Festival with the Why? Festival

How to celebrate the summer solstice virtually

Stonehenge at Midsummer

This weekend’s eclipse

Pride events

17 JUNE 2020

TONIGHT: Live interactive pub quiz brought to you by Salamagundi Films and the residents of Carpenters Road Estate, Stratford as part of Newham Heritage Month. Register here.

Learning Disability Week 2020

We Shall Not Be Removed campaign to ensure that Disabled people are included in the arts during and after coronavirus.

Grace Fundu with Act Up! Newham: Black Lives Matter 

Play with Pride – Microsoft games which are inclusive of or have LGBT themes.

15 JUNE 2020

Lightning by Josh Surgeoner

Colour photograph of lightning forking across a pink sky, with the outline of trees and houses in the foreground.

World Independent Living Day WILD Festival

Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC)

Girls in Lockdown with Eve & Ejay

Sterre’s hair turns pink

Newham Heritage Month New content is added daily.

Gypsy, Roma and Traveller History Month
Traveller Pride
Advocacy and support for LGBTQI+ Travellers
Tackling inequalities faced by Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities – Women and Equalities Committee
Disabled, elderly and ill Gypsies and Travellers forgotten in site provision – Equality and Human Rights Commission

City of Gwangju South Korea

Coastal Eclipse a poem by Ju Gosling aka ju90

12 JUNE 2020

The Golden Road, Preseli Hills, Pembrokeshire

The Who Shop: Newham’s very own Tardis.

Trinity Buoy Wharf Drawing Prize (application deadline 24 June 2020)

Newham Heritage Month New content is added daily.
SATURDAY 1-2pm Live talk on the history of Forest Gate
SUNDAY Find out more about Bushra Nasir CBE, the first Muslim woman to head a UK state secondary school.
MONDAY 11am-12noon Make your own memory box with Hazel Brill, Together! 2012 CIC’s youth lead. For Disabled young people and their families.


The List of online events:

1619 six-part podcast series from the New York Times about the history of slavery and how it has shaped the US today.


Science Weekly podcasts:

The Smarties Science Experiment

10 JUNE 2020

Newham Heritage Month
WEDNESDAY (remains online): Tony Cheeseman was a Black activist and musician
Black Performance Arts Workshop:
IROKO and talking drums This includes a live performance from home on Facebook at 7pm – please book to get a reminder and the link.
FRIDAY: 11am-12pm – a live-streamed illustration workshop for young people and carers about your view from Home during lock down. Includes instructions about to make ink out of instant coffee. 

Together by Emily Bonner

  Interior Landscape by Alison Marchant

The series of scenes are played out in an interior landscape
The crumpled sheets of my bed mirror patterns of waves
The little boy next door is painting rainbows from rockpools
Yesterday the bay windows cast sunlight into the dusty rooms
Tiny particles of dust turning, falling
At nighttime lone cars move shadows with headlights
On my mother’s 1940s side table the radio transmits the shipping forecast.

Morning Thoughts from Act Up! Newham

Together Unlocked!’s Animal Hosts

Penny Pepper’s website

Join our mailing list to receive regular news of Together! 2012 CIC’s activities:

8 JUNE 2020

How to Tie Dye (Heart FM)

Newham Heritage Month

Ju Gosling aka ju90: The Gentrification of Upton Park

5 JUNE 2020

Madge Gill (Maude Ethel Eaves, 1882-1961) is one of Newham’s best-known artists, and is being celebrated today as part of Newham Heritage Month with films, online workshops and images of her work. Newham Heritage Month has a wide range of events and activities for people of all ages and abilities.

Pritesh Patel: Buses

Josh Surgeoner: 

Coloured version of the previous drawing, with added yellow







Something for the Weekend:

3 JUNE 2020

Paizah Malek and Act Up! Newham: Coronavirus poem

Taylor Henville: Time Feels Frozen

Time feels frozen,
A rebellious stance
Against the glaring heat of the sun,
Refusing to thaw.

Inside our houses,
Actions are done on loop
Eat, sleep, exercise repeat
With some time set aside for whimsy.

Just like routine,
We stand in solidarity with time,
In the shade where it’s cool.

Be patient, be cool,
Don’t fan the flames of conspiracy and hate,
And eventually,
Life outside will change and start anew.

We’ll acclimatise
And time will start to melt
And slip through our fingers like water.

Taylor Henville: The Mirror

In a chamber of this castle
Far away from view
I lie here and observe my surroundings in this room.
Moss green velvet curtains guard the window
Hanging heavy at its sides.
Large tapestries with stern faces
Glare down, stitched in time.
Oak wood wardrobes and chest of drawers
Stand tall against the wall
Looming as though they mean to topple and fall
I can see all this in the grand wall mirror
As I lie in my four poster bed
As sleep evades me.

But as I reflect on my reflection
I notice something strange
That in the mirror the chamber door stands ajar
While here the door is bolted.
I sit up in horror as I see more things
Start to appear through the looking glass.
Here in my room through open curtains
The moon shines bright.
In the mirror the curtains are drawn
And a single candle flickers and glows
Trapped behind the glass.

Suddenly, in the mirror the candle explodes
Into a raging fire
With this I jump out of bed, running to the door
And with one last look behind me I see
The blaze burst through its restraints
The mirror in shatters, a barrier no more.

Dawn Barber: Angel

I have an Angel that sits on my shoulder,
She will look after me until I get older,
She smiles at me with her lovely bright eyes,
When I worry or have anxiety,
She will take it away like the waves of the sea,
She will strengthen me every day,
She will help me follow my dreams,
She will give me hugs and make me feel secure,
She will help me now and when I get older,
The Angel that sits on my shoulder.

Virtual Naturewatch with Precious Newman

1 JUNE 2020

A landscape-shaped brightly coloured drawing in pencil and crayon, showing stylised birds flying over a house. The river Thames can be seen at the bottom of the picture, and a shining sun to the right. House is written in the middle, next to a blue house with a yellow roof, and the predominant colours are orange-red, yellow and blue with green wings for the birds.

Home by Pritesh Patel

Regard, the national LGBTQI+ Disabled People’s Organisation. For more information about Regard Facebook and email groups and new Regard Zooms, contact

Wikipedia on the Stonewall Riots

Chains by Ju Gosling aka ju90

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