The Kitchen Carnival

Street processions are back for some, but everyone else can join in from home with the Kitchen Carnival. We celebrate the Mas traditions of Trinidad and Tobago, using recycled household materials and performing in our own kitchens. (You can view last year’s digital performance and find out more here.) The Kitchen Carnival theme for 2022 is Fancy Sailors, and we will be regularly updating this page with more information and activities. The main London 2012 Host Borough of Newham where Together! 2012 CIC is based is London’s nautical capital – find out more by exploring the links below.

You can enjoy all of the 2022 Kitchen Carnival activities from home using recycled materials from your kitchen, scissors and a glue stick. You can also make your own film for TikTok, Insta and YouTube using #KitchenCarnival. Send it to us if you’d like to be included in our digital performance for Hackney Carnival and Junkanew. Create your own soundtrack by making percussion instruments from things you have in your kitchen. 


You can find out more about the history of Newham’s docks here, and about African, Caribbean and Asian seafarers and dockworkers here.

Visit the Museum of London Docklands to find out more about the role that London’s Docks played in the Transatlantic Slave Trade.

Explore the cultural history linked to Canning Town’s shipbuilding and docks industries in Ju Gosling’s online exhibition Canning Town Folk.

Visit the Royal Museums Greenwich online to find out more about the famous clipper ship Cutty Sark.

Octopuses are awesome. They are highly intelligent, can change colour in an instant, and can also change the appearance of their skin. The rest of life on earth evolved separately to the octopus family, so they have half a billion years of uniqueness. See BBC iPlayer The Octopus in my House – watch till the end to see the octopus constantly changing colour and texture as it dreams. Find out how to make an octopus here.


Sing our Sea Shanties ‘Donkey Riding’ and ‘A Nice Cup of Tea’.

Make a Fancy Sailor’s Kazoo here.

Make a Fancy Sailor’s Collar and Cuffs with Tie Ring here.

Make a Fancy Sailor’s Ship to wear as part of your costume here.

Traditional accessories for Fancy Sailors include canes. If you or a member of your household use a walking stick, wheelchair or frame, you can add pom-poms or tassels to make it Kitchen Carnival-ready. You can also use the tassel design to make an Octopus to add to your costume or film. Find out more here.

We found a brilliant video by Unbox Burrito on YouTube. It shows how you can fold a piece of paper to make a paper sailor hat for your Carnival costume, and a paper boat and a talking ‘Metapod’ to use in your film. You can personalise these designs by decorating and adding to them with anything that you have available. Tips: 1) Pause the video when you need more time to fold your paper, don’t rush. 2) Glue down the corners after folding them over. 3) Make a boat or metapod first, using an ordinary sheet of paper. Then use a sheet of newspaper or glue two sheets of paper together to make a hat big enough for you to wear. If the video doesn’t display below, click here.

Kitchen Carnival Designs by ju90