Rebecca Redican: Delay Six

Watch Rebecca Redican’s Delay Six here presented together with  Gobscure’s Hyena in Petticoats on 19 November at 7pm, introduced by Dr Ju Gosling, as part of the Live Art performance night at the Making History Together! 2020 Festival. 

Delay Six (an anagram of Dyslexia) is an interactive work which explores the difficulty that people with dyslexia face every time they pick up a book, but also the beauty this can create.

When she was younger, Rebecca thought she was stupid, slow and generally not as intelligent as the rest of her class; she didn’t understand how they could remember what they had learnt from last lesson, never mind reading the information in the first place. How on earth did they read aloud without shaking in fear, and how did they do it so fast when all of the letters won’t sit still on a page? It wasn’t until after doing her GCSEs that Rebecca was diagnosed with dyslexia (which ironically seems a very difficult word to spell). Now she is an artist and TV presenter, proud of her dyslexia, and wishes to share and celebrate it with others.

The following video was created and shown as part of Rebecca Redican’s live performance Delay Six on Thursday 19 November from 7pm. In the film of the whole performance you can see the audience interacting live with the installation.
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