Nucleus: Georgia Drysdale

‘Transparent Concrete’ My Unique Motherboard. Handcrafted wood, silk and organza. 2012. 841mm W x 594mm D.

Georgia Drysdale next to her exhibit My Unique Motherboard.

Georgia Drysdale next to her exhibit My Unique Motherboard.

Georgia Drysdale is a textile artist who uses a wide variety of materials and techniques and has a range of related qualifications. In 2012, she organized the Transparent Concrete exhibition of work by artists with dyslexia, in addition to volunteering on the Together! 2012 festival. Georgia is Operations Director with Together! 2012 CIC.

Georgia says: “ ‘Transparent Concrete’ is the personal term that I use to describe my experience as a Dyslexic—the grey solid colour i.e. transparent concrete in my brain when it is attempting to create/process words and sentences, for example writing/ typing a letter, email etc.

“I use my art to highlight the fact that I have Dyslexia, but also to show that there is more to me than Dyslexia. I want to break down the barriers that people with learning difficulties face and that limit us in our capacity to achieve in life e.g. in jobs and education. “

I already have a unique brain, it is who I am. The Serenity Prayer comes to mind i.e. ‘Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change.’ Therefore, I Love My Brain!”

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© Georgia Drysdale 2012.

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