Dancing Differently 1 Saturday 5 December 4.30pm

Dancing Towards Equality. Rosa Canosa. Italy. 2020. 29:36. UK Premiere. Hannah, Nadenh and Aristide were born in different countries, they have disabilities and backgrounds of different kinds, but all the three of them have become professional dancers and we follow their stories in a journey between past and present. In Italian and English with English captions. 3F. 1D.

And You See Me. Emily Shapiro. US. 2019. 07:21. UK Premiere. The collective Body Shift and the Austin VA Dance Troupe ask who can be a dancer and what can dance look like? A portrait of the mixed-ability improvisational dance community in Austin Texas. In English with English captions.

The Orpheus Dancers in COME ALONG By Cosmo Sheldrake. Imogen Butler. UK. 2020. 3:00. COME ALONG was created just before Lockdown in 3 sessions.  The dancers, all young adults with learning disabilities studying at Orpheus were asked to move freely to the music.  The result is magnificent individuality, self-expression and performance quality.  This film was chosen for the OneDance UK ‘Dance on Screen’ showing as part of UDance2020. 1F. 2D. Also available to watch free here: https://vimeo.com/414257732 

Material Bodies. Dorothy Allen-Pickard. UK. 2020. 4:00. Premiere. Through interweaving dance and dialogue, Material Bodies is a sensual and cinematic look at the relationship between amputees and their limbs. This visceral and colourful short film explores how a prosthetic leg can be more like a piece of jewellery, a dance companion, or a part of you. In English with English captions.

Beat. Anastasia Szymanski. Canada. 2017. 9:18. European Premiere. Caleb hears music through feeling—and when he meets Thaddeus, a local musician, he begins to feel a lot. In English with English captions. 2F. 1D.

Everybody’s Free to Wear Sunscreen. Imogen Butler. UK. 2020. 6:16. A compilation of 17 different dancers’ interpretation of Baz Luhrmann’s song ‘Everybody’s Free to Wear Sunscreen’, filmed individually and completed during the lockdown of Summer 2020. It demonstrates the power of music and words to enable individual interpretation, musicality, and feeling. Many of the dancers in the film have never met, and yet, through a passion for dance and movement, they can unite in film to perform together. 1F. 2D. Also available to watch free here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jCXRag99fCE&t=1s