Artists Films Sunday 3 December 2023

Sunday’s Artists Films showcase work by Deaf and Disabled artists from the UK, US, France and India. This programme has now ended.

still from the filmBecoming Fossil. Petra Kuppers. United States. 2023. 13m 20s. In English with English captions and Audio Description. FF, DDD. Becoming Fossil invites viewers to become time travelers through kaleidoscopic sensations of touch and elemental change.

still from the filmSteve Parker. Benedict Robinson. United Kingdom. 2023. 9m 29s. In English with English captions. DDD. A morality tale, centred on the grotesque ‘puppet like’ figure of welfare assessor Steve Parker as his psychotic violent urges wind up with karmic repercussions. Trigger warning: extreme violence, bad language, threats against disabled people’s lives.

still from the filmTypical? Sarah Leigh. United Kingdom. 2023. 14m. In English with English captions. F, D. Frustrated by how they are treated, a group of Disabled individuals challenge the narrative and barriers that society has placed upon them.


still from the filmDo you understand? Jack Smallwood. United Kingdom. 2022. 5m 2s. In BSL with English captions. DDD. A film-poem exploring the concept of dual identity, featuring people who are Deaf/hard of hearing from Wolverhampton.

still from the filmOnce upon a time in a wheelchair. Julien Marie. France. 2021. 12m 33s. UK Premiere. In French with English captions. D. From 1925 to 2021, almost a century of cinema in 150 films, emotion, action, love, horror and dread as well as science fiction … This film mashup pays homage to the 7th art through the odyssey and the imaginary destiny of a life dreamed. But it is also and above all a philosophical reflection on what cinema really represents for its author. So, hold onto your chair, wheeling on an extraordinary adventure!

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