Short Documentaries 2013

A Stitch in Time, Cooltan Arts, 14mins, 2013. An original film made by CoolTan Arts participants, exploring the impact of the personalisation process through their own words.

Blueprints for Change, Young DaDa, 7.5 mins, 2012. This film, made by Disabled and Deaf Young People, discusses the barriers they face in attending leisure, cultural and sporting activities. Made as part of DaDa Disability and Deaf Art’s Young Persons Programme. For more information visit Together! with DaDaFest.

Pulse (Syke), Riia Celen, 29 mins, 2009. We are all part of a continual world of rhythm, and hearing is only one way to experience it. Including interviews with the world-famous Deaf rapper Signmark and the English music therapist Russ Palmer. A joint production by the Finnish Association of the Deaf and the University of Art and Design. Together! with KynnysKINO

Sticks and Wings, 18 mins. The film follows Janna Thorstrom, who has muscular dystrophy, as she journeys through Australia, Finland and India. Together! with KynnysKINO

Tying Your Own Shoes, Shira Avni, 16 minutes, 2009. An intimate glimpse into the exceptional mindsets and emotional lives of four artists with Down Syndrome. An artful, four-way essay about ability, this animated documentary explores how it feels to be a little bit unusual. Tying Your Own Shoes is a hybrid of auteur documentary and animation cinema, two forms with which The National Film Board of Canada has developed a world-renowned expertise over the past 70 years.

Lambeth Rising: “Sarah”, Mary Griffiths-Clarke, 8 mins, 2013. A Deaf woman’s story of domestic violence.