Films from the East 2015

SATURDAY 12 DECEMBER 2015:        2pm

This programme does not have sub-titles

An eclectic mix of short films made by amateur, community and professional locally based disabled artists, usually with low or no budgets.

Visting our partner Gerry's Café-Bar

Sheep (Together! 2015, 7m).

Sign Language Alphabet, Powerhouse Women, 2015, 1.5m.
Powerhouse organize creative activities for women with learning difficulties two days each week which also assist with independent living. When focusing on the alphabet and literacy as part of the Learn Project, one participant also knew the sign language alphabet and taught the group to develop our communication skills. The film shows the spirit of Powerhouse, the friendship, the teasing, the enjoyment, the collaboration and the beauty in the simple things of life.

Living Films, Samer Naeem/Living Films, 2015, 1:51m.
A profile of the Film Club for young disabled people and their siblings based at Richard House children’s hospice.

Batman, Jordan Samuel/Living Films, 2015, 6:52m.
A comedy action film.

Tough Life, Shaan Ali/Living Films, 2015, 12.51m.
A film about school.

Helene U. Taylor: Robin, 2015, 2:44m.
Featuring a frequent visitor to Helene’s garden in Plaistow. Available to view free online at

The Expert View Lightbox Exhibition, Bobby Baker/Daily Life, 2015, 11.06m.
A documentary about a recent Daily Life art project. Available to view free online at

The Roxy & Rudi Roadshow Chapter 4, Bobby Baker/Daily Life 2015, 1.04m.
Available to view free online at

The Roxy & Rudi Roadshow Chapter 5, Bobby Baker/Daily Life 2015, 1.39m.
Available to view free online at

Ju Gosling/Together! 2012 CIC, Sheep, 2015, 7m.
On 3 December 2015 locally based disabled artists flocked to central Stratford to give a street art performance celebrating International Day of Disabled People, led by Natural Diversions theatre company. Available to view free online at:

With grateful thanks to our funders: 

Arts Council England, with further support fromTrinity Buoy Wharf, Countryside Properties, Davenport Venue and Events Management and London Borough of Newham.