Dance Films 2014

7 DECEMBER 2014 3pm

Hannah’s Dance Film. Vesna Marich & The Joy of Sound. 21m5s. 2014. This film follows the rehearsal of a special dance piece produced with Hannah. Depicting the struggles in finding the right theme, choreography and getting to the final triumphant performance. Click here to view the trailer online.

Walls of freedom. Lisa-May Thomas. 7 minutes. 2013. In this film the company journey through Blackfriars Priory in Gloucester, exploring moments of restriction and freedom found in their relationships with the site and each other.

Stuck in the mud. Neil Smith with GDance & Ballet Cymru. 8m. 2013. A documentary video featuring footage and interviews from the 2013 tour of “Stuck in the Mud”. Producing partners GDance and Ballet Cymru, under the Artistic Direction of Marc Brew, pulled together a professional cast of Ballet Cymru and three international disabled dancers plus integrated community casts of local groups and individuals. Two Deaf and disabled Fellow Choreographers, Chisato Minamimura and Laura Dajao contributed to the creation of site generic promenade the documentary gives a glimpse into the process, performances and impact on participants of this ambitious production. Click here to view the film online.

Progression. Foundation for Community Dance with Dance4. 5m17s. 2014. This new short film features Beth Gardiner, a young disabled dancer and her passion for dance. Showing her progression and development from school through to being on the Centre for Advanced Training (CAT) programme, and her ambitions for the future. Click here to view the film online.

The Gift (of Impermanence). Axis Dance Company. 10m17s. 2014. Choreographer Alex Ketley had always wanted to work on a film with the Axis Dance Company. The Gift (of Impermanence) was created over the span of a month, and it was his desire to create intimate choreography that would be enhanced because of the film’s ability to come in closer than normally done in a proscenium context. Working in this intimate way with dancers with and without disability, hopefully allows an audience to explore what is beautiful about the diverse body, and possibly confront prejudice that might be present in who is allowed to dance and perform. Click here to view the film online.

Inclusion. Foundation for Community Dance with Youth Dance England. 4m45s. 2014. This new short film aims to inspire ‘inclusive’ groups and group leaders working with disabled young dancers to apply to be part of U.Dance 2015 in Plymouth. People of Oak Field School discuss their experiences, including their hopes and fears, and provide a valuable insight into how any group of young people can successfully take part in U.Dance 2015. Click here to view the film online.

A Radiant Approaching. Denise Leto & Petra Kuppers. 3m13s. 2013. In this film two disabled poets in play with one another. One is a wheelchair user, the other has a speech difference. Together they explore the poetic space between them, letting words glide over, finding fluency and fluidity together. Click here to view the film online.

Physically Being Me. Foundation for Community Dance. 8m. 2013. A film based on the real stories of Deaf and disabled dancers who are at different stages in their working lives and for whom dance is important and a passion. Click here to view the film online.

Resemblance. Claire Cunningham. Artsadmin & Channel 4. 3m. 2014. Assembling a crutch as a soldier assembles a gun, Claire Cunningham enacts a ritual that mirrors the act of creating a weapon of destruction, while actually creating an object of support. Click here to view the film online.