Animate! 1 Saturday 5 December 1-1.30pm

After the Eclipse. Bea R. Blankenhorst. Argentina. 2020. 12:00. Stop-motion animation with puppets. In Argentina in the 1920s, the Social Club of a small rural town throws a grand evening Ball. It is a great opportunity for lovebirds to approach and dance together, but it is not quite that simple in this prejudiced society.

Katchke. Oded Hesseg. Israel. 13.8.2020. 06:31. Premiere. An elderly blind man confronts an unwanted guest. He must get rid of this parasite quickly, before it will take over his house. English captions.

I still can’t make it. Elena Bursztein. Argentina. 2020. 1:44. Premiere. At the age of 21 I was diagnosed with a chronic autoimmune disease, today, 8 years later, I still cannot regularly take the medication I need to live. In Spanish with English subtitles.

‘Lights, Camera, Action’. Jem Clancy. UK. 2020. 2:03. A hand-drawn tribute to dance, art and music and the power of creativity to create connections, made during the first lockdown this year. 3D. 3F. Winner of the Kat Award for Best Animation.

Who’s not listening? Emily Larkin. UK. 2020. 1:13. An animation based on personal experience of hearing loss. English captions.

Sissy’s Dream. Fabrizio Gammardella. Italy, UK. 2015. 1:54. Sissy dreams to fly free up in the sky astride her dog. Also available to watch free here:

Red. Brendan Egan. US. 2018. 5:08. Red, a visually impaired apple, must learn to be himself in a school filled with cookie cutter fruits.  Also available to watch free online here:

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