International Day of Disabled People Sunday 3 December 2023

Our special programme for International Day of Disabled People introduces Deaf and Disabled people from Indonesia, India, Gaza, Ghana and Kenya. This programme has now ended.

still from filmWayan. Jakob Puff. Indonesia. 2023. 2m 18s. UK Premiere. In Indonesian with English captions. D. Wayan is a young artist living with a rare and incurable skin condition known as Epidermolysis Bullosa. He creates artworks using traditional Indonesian techniques to support himself and his family.

Still from filmThe Cross Image. Tri Yuni Aulia. Indonesia. 2023. 14m. European Premiere. In Indonesian with English captions. FF, D. Aulia Rachmi, a member of SAT Adhirajasa (six visually impaired people who are interested in watching and making films) starts a journey to make her first film with the support of people around her.

still from the filmNina. Moroti Adewole, Adrianna Ogando. United States/Kenya. 2023. 16m 40s. UK Premiere. In KSL with English Captions. F, D. NINA follows a day in the life of the students, teachers, and staff at the Nina School for the Deaf, as they establish a sense of community, prioritise Deaf education, develop pride in the face of an ableist education system, and implement creative methods to encourage the success of their students.

still from the filmBy the beginning of the 2008 war on the Gaza Strip. Mohammed hussine Majd. Gaza. 2023. 2m 31s. In Arabic with English Captions. D. Mahmoud is 30 years old and lives in Gaza City. He became Disabled and lost his family during the 2008 war. trigger warning: Gaza war

still from the filmLetters from Mr Deka. Jyotirmoy Mazumdar. India. 2023. 28m. World Premiere. In Hindi with English Captions. DD. Basanta Deka lost both his hands in a train accident. Later he became a school manager and set up an applied sciences school for Disabled young people.

Still from filmAbilities: Life of Entrepreneurs with Disabilities, Episode 2. Martinson Assafuah-Chemel. Ghana. 2022. 31m 2s. UK Premiere. In Twi with English Captions. F, DDD. In this second episode of the “Abilities” documentary series, the story features three entrepreneurs with disabilities whose contributions to the socio-economic growth of Ghana is mostly ignored because of stigmatization, stereotyping and lack of support.

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