Oska Bright

Oska Bright is the original award-winning international film and digital media festival featuring work made by people with a learning disability.

Films From Everywhere 1

Snowman, LCDC Media Group, Bristol. A film about a snowman! Speech and Language, Sarah Watson, Brighton. An action film, a bit like Mission Impossible. Stacks is in Jail, Justin Lees, Manchester. Stack and his sidekick are helped to escape from jail, but what will happen next? Best Interest, JUMPcuts, Somerset. Paul makes the big mistake of letting his brother know he fancies someone. Going To War Over a Banana Truck, Andrew Pike, Ireland. An animation about how silly war is. Running In the Starlight, Candice R Stock, Auckland, New Zealand. A dance film, showcasing different abilities. Lethal Attraction, Earthbeat, Saltburn. A film about a dangerous psycho, scary! Starby – Shining Star, Devon. As soon as the sun goes down, Starby comes out to explore the world. Swimming Pool, Joanne Haines, Mind The Gap, Bradford. A film about people’s first impressions of people with a learning disability.

Films in a Foreign Language

A Reason To Stay, Eldar Yusopov, Israel. What will his mother say when she finds out he wants to leave home? Mitra, Shahriar Pourseye, Iran. A film about two sisters and their amazing friendship.

Big Bang, Inventura, Otto Kouwen, Czech Republic. A documentary about the big bang!

Films from Everywhere 2

Danny’s Flashback, Danny Smith, Oxford. A flash-back to a frightening time in Danny’s home town, Wallingford. The Dreamer, Matthew Eggert, Epping Essex. A sleeping cat has some amazing dreams!

Dr Why and The Caves of Death, Karen Sheader. Hartlepool. Dr Why and his assistant Wendra, answer a distress beacon on planet Fridgia. Modern Life, Beat Express, Brighton. A music video from the band Beat Express for the song Modern Life.

From The Nature’s Eye of Things, Tanice McMinis, Alberta, Canada. An old grizzly bear reflects on where he lives and how it has changed. Mrs Sparkle, Matthew Hellett, Brighton. Matthew walks into another world and transforms into Mrs Sparkle.

Let Me In, Arty Party Performance Group, Shropshire. Michael, Mandy, Leeroy and Mervyn are at home when there’s a knock at the door, what will happen? Streetwise, Mark Barber, Oxford. A film showcasing dance skills, showing what someone with a learning disability can do.

Gold Run

‘Let The Games Begin’. Themes of waiting, watching, competing, winning and losing are creatively explored in a new film to celebrate the re- introduction of learning disabled athletes into the 2012 Paralympic Games.

‘Paralympic Memories’ tells the story of why learning disabled athletes were banned from the Paralympic Games in 2000 and celebrates their return to the competition in London 2012

‘Athletes Hope To Win’ A team of paralympic athletes learns what it takes to achieve their dreams!

‘Sports Plus Energy’ Young people reflect on sport, what it feels like to take part, the challenges and inspirations it brings.