Dance Films Saturday 2 December 2023

Saturday’s Dance films feature Deaf and Disabled dancers from the UK, US and Brazil. This programme has now ended but the details are below. It was available for 24 hours from 12noon GMT 2 December 2023.

still from the filmHappy Okay Mate. Luke Collins. United Kingdom. 2022. 3m 59s. Festival Premiere. No Dialogue. D. In this short dance film by Tom N Rob we see Rob arrive to collect the bins at the back door of a theatre before his eyes fall on a ‘cancelled’ theatre production. Spying an open back door, Rob slips into the theatre and takes to stage once more before an unexpected character joins him. Can he stay and dance, or will he be thrown back out on the streets?

still from the filmO avesso do tempo. Marcelo Cabrera. Brazil. 2021. 5m 12s. No dialogue. FF, D. A woman connects with her memories. body and landscape.




A drag queen is being filmed amongst a crowd in a clubFinding Trixie. Danny Smith/Shadowlight Artists @ Film Oxford. United Kingdom. 2023. 4m 22s. Festival Premiere. No Dialogue. DD. Award-winning filmmaker and choreographer Danny Smith plays with different aspects of his personality through his drag alter ego Trixie Pixie Lox in a new dance-for-camera piece.

Still from filma film about anxiety for which there is no title because it gave me anxiety. Annabella Ferraiuolo. United States. 2023. 10m. No Dialogue. FFF, DDD. A dance film regarding the feelings and flow regarding anxiety, migraines and the inner mind.

still from the filmPoetic Gap: Looking. Fernanda Amaral. Brazil. 2022. 7m 49s. London Premiere. No Dialogue. F. D. The spectator is invited to participate in the dance, led by the moving eye of the camera. The dancers are sometimes alone and other times together, moving carefully and occupying the empty spaces between huge windows, halls and the beautiful architecture.

still from the filmKingdom. Magpie Dance. United Kingdom. 2023. 5m 1s. In English with English captions. D. Created with artists from Akram Khan company, Kingdom explores the movement of animals from across the globe in multiple habitats.



still from the filmDanceable. Kelsey McGee. United States. 2022. 22m 25s. UK Premiere. In English with English captions. DDD. Three dancers with disabilities find freedom through movement.


still from the filmA visual meditation on natural gestures. Willy Conley. United States. 2021. 6m 9s. UK Premiere. No Dialogue. F, D. Filmed during a period of civic unrest and the Covid-19 pandemic, a Deaf woman takes a meditative journey through America and discovers universal gestures within the natural environment that brings her peace, humour, and awe.

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