Quality Assurance Policy

Together! 2012 CIC is committed to providing the highest quality experience possible for staff, volunteers, participants and audience members, and to continuous improvement of our delivery. 

We are committed to delivering activities that:

  • Provide events and activities that have a welcoming, enjoyable and sociable atmosphere for everyone involved.
  • Provide engagement activities that are flexible, informal though structured, and can be engaged with on participants’ own terms, as and when they are available/wish to do so.
  • Excite, inspire or challenge participants and audience members, including disabled people from across impairment groups, carers, local residents and visitors.
  • Are delivered in partnership with other organizations and with the participants themselves wherever possible.
  • Promote equality, diversity and inclusion, both within the subject matter and the method of delivery.
  • Are delivered by or otherwise involve professional artists who have the appropriate skills in meeting a wide range of access requirements and in differentiating activities as necessary, so that all disabled people are included on equal terms.
  • Embed ongoing learning for all, including activity leaders, other staff and volunteers.
  • Forefront opportunities for participants to create and showcase their own work.
  • Do not require participants to possess their own equipment or specialist clothing.
  • Include a clear structure for future progression, both for individual participants and for the activities themselves.
  • Are underpinned by appropriate research and methodology.
  • Are continuously documented, monitored, evaluated and developed, including the use of external evaluation where this is financially practical.


This Policy is monitored on an ongoing basis and reviewed annually by the directors to ensure that it remains fit for purpose, and is updated as necessary.

Reviewed and updated 12/4/2024.