Dancing Differently 2 Sunday 6 December 4.15pm

JoAnn. Meredith Slifkin & Emily Yue. US. December 2018. 21:22. UK Premiere. An insightful, unsentimental look into a blind woman’s world — her passion for innovation and her compelling, genuine love of movement. In English with English captions. 3F. 1D.

Ho.Me. Carolina Bergonzoni. Canada. 2019. 7:52. UK Premiere. Ho.Me is a short dance film that explores themes of belonging, comfort and discomfort in relation to the notion of inhabiting the body. Audio-description; no dialogue. 3F. 2D. Also available to watch free here: https://youtu.be/u2ecO0qwVYw 

The Audition. Daniela Rivera. Ecuador. 2019. 06:54. UK Premiere. A Deaf ballet dancer boy has an important audition but has to deal with a series of complications. In English with English Captions.

The Nutcracker. Imogen Butler. UK. 2019. 24:08. In September 2019, the Tailfeather drama group and the ‘Dance for Film’ group merged to form ‘Poetry in Motion’, combining spoken word performance and dance/movement work and created The Nutcracker for Xmas. 2019. Using poetry has helped students to develop their confidence in spoken word performance, and the imagery in poems enables them to create their own dance phrases. In English. 1F. 2D. Also available to watch free here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5nu8DYy66x4