What is Disability? An explanation of the Traditional and Contemporary Ways of thinking about Disability, with further details about Disability and Diversity, Disability and the LGBTQI+ communities and Disability in Newham.

What is Disability Arts? Artistic Director Dr Ju Gosling FRSA explains the facts and theories behind the international Disability Arts movement.

Inclusive Graphic Design Principles Explains the guidelines on accessible design and the part played by pattern recognition in accessibility.

The D-System Explains how the Together! Disability Film Festival has implemented the F-System and created the D-System to rate films according to the contributions made by women and Disabled people.

Filming Disability: A Guide for Filmmakers and Editors A guide for international filmmakers based on our experiences of curating the annual international Together! Disability Film Festival.

The Fragility of Freedom for Disabled People A resource about the Holocaust and Disabled people, and the fragility of freedom for Disabled people in the UK today.

Metrics for Equality, Access and Inclusion A resource for arts organisations to measure their compliance with the Equality Act 2010.

Charlie and the C Monsters A comic-colouring book and film without words explaining how Covid-19 is spread and prevented.

What’s App, Aunty? A video in BSL and oral and written English about the NHS Covid-19 app.


A woman with short red hair and glass is signing as she sits in her wheelchair at the front of a stage. She is wearing a headset microphone, black trousers, silver boots and a T-shirt that reads: "Everything is Art, Everything is Politics" Ai Wei Wei. Sh

Dr Ju Gosling aka ju90 with ‘What’s Normal Anyway?’ at Ascension Church in Custom House on International Day of Disabled People 3 December 2013.

Together!’s Artistic Director Ju Gosling aka ju90 wrote the following online essays when she was artist-in-residence at the National Disability Arts Collection and Archive (NDACA) at Holton Lee in Dorset.