Nucleus: Julie Newman

Holton Lee Bridge: Plexiglass. 2009. 45cm x 30cm. Plants: Paper under glass. 2006-2010. 8 x 6” x 8”.

Julie Newman's photographs of Holton Lee

Julie Newman’s photographs of Holton Lee

Julie Newman is a photographer and filmmaker, and she has a rich portfolio which includes seascapes, nature photography and portraits. She has also documented the work of various disabled artists, and several of her studies have been used in catalogues of artists’ work. Her practice has extended to include music and installation work, and she is currently working from a studio in Trinity Buoy Wharf. Julie is Company Chair of Together! 2012 CIC.

Julie says: “These images are a very small selection of the photographs that I took at Holton Lee in Dorset between 2006-2010, during my visits to the National Disability Arts Collection and Archive (NDACA).

“The imperative to make work is something that comes from inside. I’ve always been interested in the impact of light and shadow, beginning with an early interest in Impressionism and Post-Impressionism and continuing with the Fauves and Dadaism. I’m also intrigued by pattern, repetition and form, and at times by the mathematical qualities inherent in nature.

“As someone with mental health difficulties in my younger life, I spent 15 years in hospitals and institutions. I was unable to read because of the impact of my medication, but looked at a lot of pictures in art books. When I became physically disabled in later life, I found that I was looking more closely at my surroundings because of the limits on my mobility.

“At Holton Lee, one of the joys was being able to access the natural environment in a way that I hadn’t been able to do for many years. This was due to the combination of pathways that had been made accessible and the provision of off-road ‘Tramper’ mobility scooters. I found the work completely absorbing, particularly when I was able to note the passage of the seasons and see the changes in the landscape.”

Julie Newman and her Holton Lee photographs.

Julie Newman and her Holton Lee photographs.

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