Together! 2023 Open Exhibition

Welcome to the Together! 2023 Open Exhibition, now taking place annually in July to celebrate Disability Pride Month. Curated by the Together! 2012 Team, our annual exhibition brings together work by amateur, community, student, semi-professional and professional Disabled artists of all ages. Anyone with a Newham or Together! 2012 CIC connection – for example, living, studying, working or volunteering in Newham now or in the past, or taking part in Together! 2012 activities – and who identifies as a Deaf or Disabled person* is able to submit one family-friendly work for guaranteed inclusion. *Including people with learning difficulties, long-term mental health difficulties, physical or sensory impairments and long-term health conditions, from all ages and cultural groups. Clicking on an image will display it at full size to enable you to ‘get up close’.

Exhibiting Artists: Sharifa Acchodi, Fajr Altaf, Dawn Barber, Sean Beddington, Duncan Bridgstock, Lee Brooker, Dwain Bryan, Julie Cordell, David Elton, Constance Friedlein, Georgina, Blake Jarrette Gibbons, Ellen Goodey, Ju Gosling aka ju90, Ella Higginbottom, Jemima Hughes, Karen Long, Tony Malone, Alison Marchant, Pippa Marshall, Shuheb Miah, Mighty Mega Club, Julie Newman, Crystal Peasy, Kate Rolison, Sam,  Eve Smith, Tracy Vidal, Renée Wallen, Jayne Waters, Emily Welch, Whyspa. Thanks to: Art For Fun, Children’s Discovery Centre, INUF, Rosetta Art Centre, Together! Art Club and all of the exhibiting artists for their support.

Tracy Vidal. ‘Re-membering pre-lockdown hugs and hand-pump greetings…’Acrylic on canvas. 32″ x 40″. 2022.

Emily Welch. Portal. Digital image. 2021.

Whyspa. Peace Talks. Acrylic on soft card. 1.5m x 1.5m. 2023.

Drawing of a large man with a beard in a dark blue cloak, on a background of earth toned spots.

Sharifa Acchodi. Felt pens. 2023.

Red square Lino print with image of the top half of a lion lying down.

Karen Long. Leo. Lino print. 8.3” x 8.3”. 2023.

Acrylic black and white painting to left of Daniel Craig. To the right, purple strokes of paint over white and off white paint overlaying impasto style.

Renée Wallen. Daniel Craig. Acrylic paint on textured paper. 31 x 20 cm.

Fajr Altaf. Bella. Acrylic paints. A4.

Black ink shapes filled with horizontal and vertical lines. Eyeballs attached to each shape and writing around the shapes.

Ella Higginbottom. Someone Is Always Watching. Pen and ink drawing on paper. 11.7” x 16.5”. 2017.

Black and white photograph of the dusty interior of a disused cotton mill).

Alison Marchant. ‘System Sustained Silence’. Installed at Rochdale Art Gallery. 10’x 8′. 2023.

Black and grey printed stripes growing outwards like a ripple effect.

Pippa Marshall. Suminagashi prints on rice paper. 9″ ‘x 6.5”. 2021-2023.

Grey pencil drawing of 2 pairs of shoes, one with polka dots and one with a jagged circle pattern. Background filled with pencil strokes.

Eve Smith. Shoes. Pencil on paper. A3. 2023.

Lee Brooker. Shoes. Coloured pencil on paper. 1′ x 1’. 2023.

A tree drawn to the left in coloured pencil with different coloured leaves attached. To the right, a metallic green square with the letters “RUN” in felt above.

Dwain Bryan. Run. Collage. Felt letters and Coloured pencil on paper. 8.3” x 11.7”. 2021.

Shuheb Miah. PICTURE, PICTURE 2. Marker pen on card. 8.3” x 11.7”. 2023.

White paper square filled with various multicolour shapes such as pink swirls and blue moon crests.

David Elton. The Power Of Art. Marker pen on cloth. 8.3” x 11.7”. 2022.

A mixture of shapes in multicolour felt tip filling the page.

Dawn Barber. Locked In Colour. Felt tip and Marker pen on paper. 11.7  x 16.5cm. 2022.

A collage of different pieces of card and paper including medication packaging and scratch cards with black symbols painted around them in acrylic paint.

Duncan Bridgstock. Figure In Alphabet Soup Landscape. Collage and Acrylic paint on paper. 8.3” x 11.7”. 2022.

Ellen Goodey. Hands on Deck. Coloured paper and felt pens. 2023.

Ju Gosling aka ju90. E16. Quick collage using kitchen recycling for Newham Heritage Month. 26 x 24.5cm. 2023.

Crayon drawing showing a house to the right, and a tree to the left both labelled. 2 people smiling drawn at bottom left with multicoloured flowers to their right.

Sam. Crayons. A3. 2023.

Jayne Waters. The Sea. Mixed media acrylics, inks, glues and glitters. A3. 2023.

Tony Malone. Blue tits through my window. Watercolour on paper. 30 x 40cm. 2023.

Jemima Hughes. View from the back door. Needle felt picture. 33 x 27cm. 2022.

Constance Friedlein. Asymmetric Vase. With matte and glossy glaze. 20cm H x 10cm W.

Various air dried clay sculptures, including cups, bowls and leaves including markings that resemble branches and leaves.

Sean Beddington. Air Dried Clay. 12cms high. 2023.

Air dried clay sculptures including cups and a hammer. Painted in red and blue acrylic paint.

Georgina. Air dried clay and acrylic paint. 2023.

Julie Newman. No Road. Digital image.

Julie Cordell. Lonely Tree in Iceland. Digital image. 2023.

Blake Jarrette Gibbons. Light Combination. Photo Collage. 12″ x 12″. 2021.

Crystal Peasy. Flowers. Recycled plastic bottles and acrylic paint, 2022.

Mighty Mega Club. Turtles and Fish. Collage and sculpture. 60 x 60cm. 2023.

Kate Rolison. Weep. Goldwork embroidery on silk. 23 x 18cm. 2013.

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