Zoom Speakers

Together! 2012 Consultancy

Are you organising a lunchtime or early evening staff-network or group event on Zoom? We can provide expert speakers who are very engaging, easy to understand, highly knowledgable, and who embed performance within their delivery.

Speakers include:

  • Business Director Robin Surgeoner MBE, whose presentation includes singing and poetry.
  • Dr Ju Gosling in her home studioArtistic Director Dr Ju Gosling FRSA, whose presentation includes poetry, and who can also speak about LGBTQI+ intersectional issues.
  • A range of other Disabled artists who are also expert in Disability issues.

Costs vary according to the size of the organisation and the numbers expected to attend. We can provide one-off talks or series of talks. Zoom talks are a great way of bringing people together online. and strengthening networks through shared learning and understanding.

Robin Surgeoner MBEFor more information please contact Together! 2012 Business Director Robin Surgeoner MBE robin@together2012.org.uk

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