Short Stories 2 Sunday 6 December 5.15pm

Spark or (the Advantages of Recording your Conversations). Ty Glaser. UK. 2020. 21:37. Premiere. We meet Mathilda at her lowest, and things quickly go from bad to worse. Alongside these shocks to the system that take Mathilda by surprise, she is also struggling with an isolating coping mechanism that she has taken to leaning on more and more over the past year. In English with English captions. 3F. 1D. 

Rob’s Bad Day.  Siobhan Scarlett O’Reilly. UK. 2020. 3:38. Premiere. In this improvised short, a bumbling shy man goes on a slapstick journey in the hopes of getting a date. Shot in two hours with no budget. In English with English captions.

Mystery Theatre Horror  Show. Meri Pakarinen. USA. 2020. 17.19. Premiere. Created and filmed during the Covid-19 lock-down and from the imaginations of young people with autism. In English. 1F. 2D.

My Darling Christopher. Clare-Louise English. UK. July 2020. 8:50. Based on the true story of Clive who contracted Meningitis and lost both his sight and his hearing during the outbreak of the Second World War. In a combination of Captioned English, British Sign Language and Visual Vernacular.

Silence. Ben Caplan. UK. 2020. 10:46. Premiere. Ellie can’t understand. Judith and Frank can’t wait. Mark can’t breathe. In English with English captions. Also available to watch free here: 

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