Environmental & Sustainability Policy

All work carried out by Together! 2012 CIC will be delivered in as sustainable and environmentally conscious way as possible.

  • Energy saving lightbulbs will be used wherever possible including within specialist equipment.
  • Rechargeable batteries will be used wherever possible including within specialist equipment.
  • Recycled ink will be used wherever possible, subject to the needs of the job (for example, archive-quality inks may be required for printing images) and the safe functioning of the equipment (for example, some printers may be damaged by the use of recycled ink).
  • Recycled stationery will be used wherever possible.
  • Documents will not be printed unnecessarily.
  • All paper will be recycled, including where possible when printing internal and draft documents as well as for rough paper etc.
  • Padded and other specialist envelopes and packaging will be opened carefully, saved and re-used.
  • If disposable items such as crockery and cutlery are used, these will be bio-degradable wherever possible.
  • Innovative ways of re-using materials will be found wherever possible. For example, empty containers may be used as palettes; time-limited laminated signs may be used as mats; recycled materials will be considered when creating sculptures, installations etc.
  • All waste will be recycled in line with local authority provision.
  • Doors will not be left open unnecessarily if rooms are being heated.
  • No equipment will be left on ‘standby’ unless this is important for its safe and efficient functioning.
  • All lights will be turned off when leaving a room unless these are required for safety reasons.
  • Secondhand and recycled furniture and equipment will be considered when making purchases, subject to health and safety considerations and the demands of funders.
  • Workers will use their bicycles for travelling where these are available/appropriate and will be compensated for any related expenses incurred during work.


The Environmental and Sustainability Policy will be monitored on an ongoing basis and reviewed annually by the directors to ensure that it remains fit for purpose, and will be updated as necessary.