Environmental & Sustainability Policy

All work carried out by Together! 2012 CIC is delivered in as sustainable and environmentally conscious way as possible. We are pleased to have been awarded Newham Green Business of the Year in 2018 for our in-venue work, and to have been shortlisted again in 2022 for our online work.

  • Recycled materials form the core of our craft-based activities, including the Art Club’s Make and Natter session and the Kitchen Carnival.
  • Refurbished phones are supplied to Team members, and refurbished computers are considered as a first option when supplying equipment. Rechargeable batteries and chargers are supplied wherever possible for specialist equipment for Team members.
  • Team members are encouraged to be as environmentally conscious as possible within their home working environments. This includes using energy saving lightbulbs and switching lights off when they leave the room; keeping doors closed against draughts; and switching equipment off when not in use rather than using ‘standby’ mode.
  • Documents will not usually be printed. Recycled stationery is used wherever possible when printing takes place.
  • We do not use the postal system, or leave our homes for work purposes.


This Policy is monitored on an ongoing basis and reviewed annually by the directors to ensure that it remains fit for purpose, and is updated as necessary.

Reviewed and updated 17/4/2024.