Kitchen Carnival Bat wings

You can mix and match these wings with the silver, black or white Bat masks for the Kitchen Carnival, depending on what you have available. If you can, wear clothes in a matching colour. Bats’ fingers are part of their wings, but they use their thumbs to grip with. If you want to, you can cover your hands with socks and hold a spoon in each hand to make your own Bat thumbs.

Once you’ve made your wings, it’s time to create a Bat dance or take a selfie. Create your own sound track with our Kitchen Carnival percussion instruments – there are also some Bat-themed songs linked here. Bats sleep – ‘roost’ – by hanging upside down with their wings folded. Once you are in full costume, ask someone to help you take a selfie in the kitchen with your arms folded and eyes shut. Turn it upside down to see yourself roost, and send it to us to join our Carnival roost:

White Bat wings

To make the white Bat wings you need:

  • A white sheet or duvet cover
  • 4 large rubber bands OR hair scrunchies OR some string
  • Pair of white socks (optional)
  • 2 metal spoons (optional)

Fold the sheet in half if necessary and then put it on like a cloak. Use rubber bands, scrunchies or string to tie the corners to your wrists and ankles.

Silver Bat wings

MaterialsTo make the silver bat wings you need:

  • A survival blanket
  • 4 large rubber bands OR hair scrunchies (optional)
  • Pair of white socks (optional)
  • 2 metal spoons (optional)

Wear the wings like a cloak, tieing loops at each corner to put your hands and feet through. Or you can use rubber bands or scrunchies to attach the corners to your ankles and wrists.

Kitchen Carnival Designs by ju90
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