Powerful Women Friday 4 December 7pm

The talents of Deaf and Disabled women filmmakers, actors and artists are showcased in our opening night event.

Funny Peculiar. Little Cog. UK. 2020. Zsa Zsa, Raquelle, Blanche and Cuba are in quarantine – four disabled women locked down, locked in, shut up and shouted down. The new terrain is worrying and frustrating but these women are prepared – perhaps they have waited for a moment like this their whole lives. Starring Liz Carr (from Silent Witness fame), Mandy Colleran (a comedian and activist), Bea Webster (Royal Shakespeare Company and The Playwright’s Studio of Scotland) and Little Cog’s very own Vici Wreford-Sinnott.  3F. 3D. You can watch Vici Wreford-Sinnott and Mandy Colleran talking to Together! 2012 Chair Julie Newman on 4 December about how they made Funny Peculiar on the main Film Festival Programme page.

Triple Oppression. Vilma Jackson. UK. 2020. 4:58. A Deaf woman’s struggle to fit in socially, racially and professionally. How does she try to overcome all these barriers in order to get to her dream destination? Vilma’s personal performance charts the issues faced on her journey and how certain barriers were challenged. It is a story of defiance, independence and positivity for those who have been oppressed or discriminated against. In British Sign Language with English captions and voiceover. 3F. 3D. 

Faith. Sahera Khan. UK. 2019. 6:20. Taliha and Marlyn are very good friends, Marlyn came out as a lesbian a couple of years ago. Taliha is uncomfortable with this although she wants to speak to Marlyn about LGBT+ issues. In British Sign Language with English captions. 3F. 3D. Winner of the Kat Award for Best Film in a Language other than English.

Nan Sweeney (played by Penelope Freeman) in Julie McNamara’s Voices from the Knitting Circle.

Voices from the Knitting Circle. Julie McNamara. UK. 2018. A chilling glimpse into the secret worlds and stolen years inside the asylums – ‘Persons fit to be removed’ cast out of sight on the fringes of society, were all these people truly Mad, Bad and Dangerous? Who is next? English captions and audio-description. 3F. 3D. 

Passing Through. Deborah Caulfield. UK. 2018. 3:00. Festival Premiere. Using sound and manipulated images, Deborah Caulfield shares her journey of physical and emotional survival. 3F. 3D. 

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