Short Dramas Saturday 2 December 2023

Saturday’s hard-hitting dramas tell stories of Deaf and Disabled people from the UK, US, France and Brazil. This programme has now ended but the details are below. It was available for 24 hours from 12noon GMT 2 December 2023.

still from the filmIndefinitely. Clare-Louise English. United Kingdom. 2022. 16m 52s. In English with English captions. FFF, DDD. What happens when the Disability Allowance you were awarded indefinitely is stopped? A period of form filling and assessment interviews that seems to go on…well…indefinitely. A scathing and painful look at the benefit system for Disabled people in the UK and its horrific consequences. Trigger warning: Benefits problems and mental health difficulties including reports of suicides and strong language.

still from the filmInspired. Darian Slattery. United States. 2023. 28m. European Premiere. In English and ASL with English captions. FF, DDD. Raina, once the only Deaf and Disabled person in film school, reunites with her ex and former TA, Sebastian. On their date it becomes clear that the ways in which their college romance–and its sudden end–inspired the people they’ve become and the actions they take. Their love was never normal, it was special. Trigger warning: alcohol, themes of revenge and assault and discussion of suicide.

still from the filmMe If I were a woman. Aurelie Bock. France. 2022. 27m 8s. French with English Captions. FF, DD. Juliette is a 19 year old woman with Down syndrome experiencing her first love. But her romance is quickly marred by contraception issues. Juliette is pressured by her mother and doctors to undergo sterilisation surgery because of her disability. The young woman has only a short time to make a decision and her voice heard. Trigger warning: eugenics.

Still from filmAbout friendship and bicycles. Julia Vidal. Brazil. 2022. 12m. UK Premiere. Portuguese with English Captions. FF, DD. Thiago, a shy and reclusive boy, never thought he could take part in the bicycles competition due to his physical condition. Until the day he met Cecilia, an eager girl who knows no limit. Together they will go through many adventures while they learn how to ride a bike and about the meaning of friendship. Trigger warning: bullying.

still from the filmPause Karma. Alexandre Agnes. France. 2023. 2m 20s. UK Premiere. In French with English captions. D. A Disabled man and his new care aid are grocery shopping when things take an unexpected turn. Trigger warning: discussion of urination and revenge.

still from the filmCoffee Morning Club: Episode 1. Louis Neethling. United Kingdom. 2023. 27m 55s. In BSL with English captions. DDD. Members of the Coffee Morning Club gather for their regular meet up to find that a camera crew has been invited to film a documentary about them. A bombshell leaves the members of Coffee Morning Club reeling. Trigger warning: threats to essential services.

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