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Making History Together! 2020 Disability History Month Festival
Together! 2020 Disability Film Festival

In March 2020, Together! 2012 CIC began delivering our activities via our website, Zoom and telephone in response to the pandemic. 

  • 10 March. A comprehensive Join in from Home programme of creative accessible and inclusive activities is launched on our website. Clubs participants are provided with resource packs and with personalised creative and pastoral support by phone.
  • 30 March. The Together Unlocked! livestreams are launched, with funding later received to support the additional costs until March 2021 from the London Community Response Fund. By the end of March 2021 Together! 2012 CIC had delivered 140 hour-long live streams, including special episodes for Holocaust Memorial Day and International Women’s Day and a range of feature items for Black History Month.
  • Clubs Team staff are provided with ongoing weekly supervision and support sessions with our Chair Julie Newman to assist with home working.
  • The Together! 2012 Team are designated key workers by the Mayor of Newham.
  • Youth lead Hazel Brill launches a comprehensive online offer for young Disabled people.
  • July. The weekly Wednesday morning Pop-Up Poetry Club is relaunched as a phone-based group, using a specially commissioned system where we pay the costs.
  • August. The Charlie & the C Monsters comic-colouring book and video are launched to provide accessible non-verbal information about Covid-19 infection and prevention.
  • September. What’s App, Aunty? is launched in BSL and oral and written English to provide inclusive information about the NHS Covid-19 app as part of the Newham pilot.
  • October. Together! 2012 CIC re-opens the Art Clubs, Photographers & Filmmakers Club and Dance on Screen Club on Zoom, and deliver 61 hour-long sessions by 5 April 2021.
  • November-December. The Making History Together! 2020 Festival includes 15 hours of live events on Zoom and YouTube, two video workshops of family activities, four online exhibitions and two online participatory projects, creating opportunities for 36 artists.