Together Unlocked! Highlights & Links October 2020

Together! 2012 UNLOCKEDHere you can view films, photographs and artwork and read poems showcased on Together Unlocked! and find links to websites and online events mentioned on the show. (You can watch the whole shows here including with captions on all videos).

30 October 2020

The programme for the Together! 2020 Disability History Month Festival is available here.

Dressing Up to Go Out to Stay In: Together Unlocked!’s animal hosts Christy and Precious celebrate the season. Send us your photos and videos to

Photo of a small black dog dressed up in a pumpkin outfit Photo of a black and white cat in a dark room, with just his face lit

Blake Jarrette Gibbons: The Sea and Me

For me I live in a city, but I don’t feel mentally at home in the city. I feel most at rest away from the city life. To break free, a chance to be near the sea can be a huge lift of weight. The sight I can see, the smell of moisture in the air, the sound of either extremely slow gentle waves or humongous crashing water. Little drop or big splash, dribbling in and out or thumping as it crashes. Crashing into solidarity, wake-up call into life, flowing into a calmer mental emotion.

The sea is a part of Mother Nature. Is the motion and noise of the sea an expression of the emotion to the world? Wherever you are, what emotion is it making you feel when you look, when you smell, when you feel the sea?

The animals within are all part of motherhood, protected by the waters, the deep canyons within or the floating level provided. I can sit and look at it and sometimes ask, how would I come across if the sea was showing my emotion? Brightly coloured with a smooth flow and a whispery noise, maybe vice versa? Or I could be somewhere half way between.

I have crossed the sea. I have swam in Mother Nature’s waves and currents. Yes I have swallowed sea water. Yes I have stood up high and looked down into the sea from many parts. I have been in the sea and looked to the sky, sunlit sky pouring rays of brightness on the sea. I have sat in looking up at the magic of the moonlight and stars. Not quite dancing in the moonlight, more floating under the moonlight. My last sea walk was along Broadstairs, clear sky, a quiet sea that day, shades of blue and green, a calm, happy sea, therapeutically quiet, I doubt I was the same, need to ask my friend about that side of it.

When I can smell the sea, I can feel its emotions as it feels mine, I can look at it and ask myself why? I can be by it sunlight or moonlight, do I feel most free? I certainly don’t feel imprisoned.

Excuse me now, I need to go and plan my visit to be with mother nature away from my abnormal mentally yet physically home. I will probably end up, yes you got it near the sea.

Sterre Ploeger: Painting stones with flowers

Pritesh Patel: Holiday bunting
Photo of bunting made from pink card cut into triangles with drawings of Halloween symbols

Glory Sengo: Thorpe  ParkFelt tip drawing in blues, yellows, greens and blacks

This week’s still life images from Alison Marchant:2 pine cones sit on a white table top in front of a disposable coffee cup.A glass jam jar with a gingham-patterned lid has been painted with pink glass paint. It sits in front of an empty lemonade bottle with a pink lid, and a child's windmill in pale pink is resting on the jar.

Crystal Peasey: Still LifePencil and paint drawing in pinks and blues.

Something for the Weekend:

Lobsteropolis by Philip Colbert at the Saatchi Gallery enables 20 viewers at once to control robots to view the exhibition remotely. Until 29 November:

This Greenwich Observatory page explains the history of the Blue Hunter’s Moon which is visible on October 31 worldwide: Wallace and Gromit land on the moon in this clip from A Grand Day Out:

The Mandalorian Season 2 Launch. The first episode of Season 2 was released today, and all of season 1 is available to watch to catch up for people who haven’t seen it. This is a great sci-fi story even for those who are not Star Wars fans – There is also a very interesting series about the making of season 1 which Josh would highly recommend for anyone interested in filmmaking or storytelling:

His Dark Material Series 2 Trailer The second season starts Sunday 8 November, but check out this trailer for the new season. Spend this weekend catching up by watching season 1 on the BBC iPlayer together with lots of behind the scenes information:

RBS Six Nations (Rugby Union): The Six nations resume after being suspended in March due to COVID. England face Italy in Rome on Saturday, kick-off is at 4:45 pm on ITV with the programme starting at 4:00 pm. Wales v Scotland and France v Ireland are on BBC One throughout the day.

Women’s FA Cup Final: The Final of the Women’s FA Cup between Everton and Manchester City kicks-off at 2:30 pm and will be on BBC One on Sunday with coverage starting at 2:05 pm.

And for next week….
The Sofa Singers
is a free, twice-weekly online singing event that aims to bring people together from around the world. Set up by vocal leader James Sills as a response to the coronavirus lockdown, The Sofa Singers offers 45 minutes of simultaneous singing for hundreds of people in real time. You’ll learn a classic song with some optional harmonies and backing parts, and then just sing as if no-one is listening… because they won’t be! Due to to latency (delay), it’s not possible to hear all of the singers the same time – but you will be able to see each other, so sing with a smile! Afterwards, there’s a virtual tea break followed by some ‘open mic’ slots where you can say hello and share a song, a poem or a story. Tuesday evenings at 7.30pm and Friday mornings at 11am. Registration is via a free ticket. Click here to book

28 October 2020

The programme for the Together! 2020 Disability History Month Festival is available here.

Poems from the Together! Pop-Up Poetry Club on the theme of ‘The Sea’Next week’s theme is ‘Morning’. Join in from home and send your poems or films to

Dawn Barber: Calming sea

Hello sea it’s time to sea you again, to feel your calming effect,
To have a lovely day with you and as I run my fingers through the sand,
It feels so cosy to look at the seaside, now I’m thinking to buy a cornet with a flake and this makes it even more better,
Then  after eating I go back to the sea to say goodbye.

Ella Higginbottom: Sailors Wives

Heya Keya Ya Ya Ya,
Sailors wives dance Cha Cha Cha,
Gotten Morgen waves,
Gotten morgen sea,
Do you remember,
My name was written in your deepest debt,
But someone has rich for me,
Someone I made once from my broken ribs,
Heya Keya Ya Ya Ya,
I was drowning was it wasn’t fun,
But someone was laughing at me and I wasn’t a clown,
Heya Keya Ya Ya Ya.

Julie Newman: The sea

The swell of waves that come and go,
Beat against the shore, first fast then slow.
Home, home to where the colours change
With the tides. Now bright then strange
And duller than the deepest earth.
There richer life now given birth
Swarms and moves first with the tides,
Floating about then swimming, glides
Through the waters on a path of its own.
No intent is present, but to be blown
And guided by the currents force
As it moves along a hidden course,
The flotsam and jetsam carries in its wake
Those germs of life that will eventually break
Free, and find a different form to spend the days.
Swimming now against the tide, against the waves.

Alison Marchant: From A Shell

I pressed a shell close to my ear
To hear the murmur of distant seas.
The saffron beach,
All diamond drops.
A spade and bucket in wonderland.
In the deep bed of the sea
The lighthouse reared on a rock island,
Painted mid-sea blue,
Or shore-sea green.
Glimmering in the tranquil bay.
The waves draw back pebbles,
And fling them in the the ebb and flow
Of the crashing tide.

Taylor Henville: The Sea

The sea, to me
Calmly breathes
Like a sigh on the lips
To me.
The ocean breeze
Will not ease
It’s wild and free
And roars
At me.
Pebbles and sand
In your hand
Slips free
And washes away
With the sea,
Who knows
Where next it will be.

Robin Surgeoner: The UnderWater Boy

The waves are crashing, smashing rocks
But the underwater boy dreams away
Angry visions of destruction and lies
A peaceless message through the seas relayed

He doesn’t understand the lives he’s wrecked
The hurting, the hurting the hurting the hurting his hurting has caused
The underwater boy who lived through death
Seeks only seeks only seeks only seeks only modest applause

The seagulls clap without resource
As they fly to scavenge the blooded shores
As they spill the spoils of carcass love
The underwater boy laughs at the scores of his cause
The underwater boy laughs at the scores of his cause

‘Couplets’ defined:

Together! 2020 Poetry Anthology

We are publishing an anthology of poems on the theme of Together for our Together! 2020 Disability History Month Festival. You can find out more about how you can send us your poem for inclusion here:

Together Forever: A poem by Ellen Goodey

Virtual Naturewatch: Assistance dog Merlot encounters the potato harvester


Cross-platform games: On today’s show we talked about cross play, allowing people on different platforms to play together. This link is for an article published in October 2020, with a list of games which support this cross platform feature:

Cyberpunk 2077 Delayed: We talked about the delays and the reasoning behind this on the show for the upcoming game Cyberpunk 2077. The link below will take you to the statement by the development team on the games official Twitter account. This account will also be the best location for future information on the game. (Note, you do not need a twitter account to view the statement or check for updates on the account):


International Paralympic Committee (IPC) Refugee Team: The IPC have launched a Refugee Team for the Tokyo Paralympics, and will provide coaching, financial, and logistical support to these athletes. More details on the story and the team can be found using the following link:

Six Nations: We also talked about the full return of the Six Nations Rugby Union competition. The following link is to the homepage of the Six Nations website where you will be able to access full details and news of the tournament:

26 October 2020

The programme for the Together! 2020 Disability History Month Festival is available here.

How to dance Cueca on Zoom with Act Up! Newham

Find out more about the Together! 2012 Film Dance Club here:

AppDate Art Apps discussed included Adobe Photoshop Elements (all platforms); ArtRage (all platforms); and Procreate (Apple devices with touch-sensitive screens only).

IndieWire’s 50 Best Opening Film Credit Sequences

Relax with Awa:

23 October 2020

Introducing actor, dancer and rapper Grace Fundu.

Today’s still life from the Together! Art Club if you’d like to join in from home – send your images to of an empty green cup sitting on a saucer, with a red ribbon coming out and curling into the saucer. Underneath the saucer is a white tablecloth.

‘Forest Moon’. Digital artwork by Josh Surgeoner.Digital drawing of a large full moon against a dark blue sky and foreground, with pine trees and the outlines of birds.

Something for the Weekend:

Late at Tate Britain Online Friday 23 October 7-9pm:

Orkney Story Telling Festival A four-day programme of walks, talks, story sessions and workshops with renowned storytellers from Scotland and beyond. The events are held across mainland Orkney with a trip to at least one of the outer islands; the last night always includes an Open Mic session, to encourage new talent. The 2020 edition will be held entirely online with a programme of pre-recorded storytelling events.

Royal Naval Museum from Home film on how the sailors of bygone days navigated and sailed their ships:

BBC Sky at Night YouTube channel on what to see in the sky in the month of October:

Glasgow Science Festival: Science on the Sofa. An online version of the planned physical event with the support of the University of Glasgow web team, with scientists recording experiments over Zoom, talks on their phones. Something for everyone!

Recommended TV:

  • Episode 2 of the 3rd series of Star Trek: Discovery launches on Netflix tonight.
  • Strictly Come Dancing returns with its first live show on Saturday.
  • Netflix new film suggestions: The Bourne Identity (2002), The Bourne Supremacy (2004), The Bourne Ultimatum (2007), and The Bourne Legacy (2012). Plus Apollo 13 (1995).
  • Formula 1 on Channel 4 on Saturday and Sunday evenings, and on demand after the live broadcast.
  • Ireland v Italy Six Nations – Live on ITV One from 2:45pm on Saturday

21 October 2020

Sterre Ploeger: Walking in the Dark

Poems from the Together! Pop-Up Poetry Club on the theme of ‘Stars’
Next week’s theme is ‘The Sea’. Join in from home and send your poems or films to

Crystal Peasey: Star

Stars glow in the dark and they are gold and silver
There are many different colours, and a lot of them are big, and small, and come up different shapes and sizes
The stars shine so beautifully in the sky, they are so pretty in many ways
So bright and so shiny and so glistening.

Also, like stars, there are special girls
They also gleam when they glow in the dark
They are amazing and interesting.

Dawn Barber: Stars in the Sky

The stars in the sky are watching over me
Bringing me new opportunities and new doors opening up
Filling my heart with so many things
Showing me the way to a new galaxy in the sky
That sparkles way up high.

Julie Newman: Stars

The woman paused, raised her hands,
Triumphant in the light of her glory.
The people stomp their feet, shout her name
Loud in appreciation, loving her story
Lost in her glamour, they stood in the stands
She soaked it up, hungry for fame.

The stars shone bright that night.
Flickering lights that sped over time.
And time never still but always moving
Sped on. Yet still those constants shine.
Guiding the sailors onwards by their light
Ever pushing, ever striving, ever roving.

Glory Sengo: Stars

I love to see the stars in the sky early in the morning
So I went outside with a torch looking up to the sky
And feeling so tired
So I went back to sleep again.

Dwain Bryan: Autumn Stars

When the seasons come everything changes
Leaves fall and there’s a chill in the air
Somewhat cold, somewhat bare,
You know there’s a chill in the air
And wonder if it will snow this year?
When the frost shows, my toes get cold,
Winter, winter is not so bad
So cover yourself up and don’t be sad.

Julie Newman: Star light, star bright

Star light, star bright,
I search for you
In the dark of night.
Looking up near and far
Where is that pesky Northern Star?

Tonight the Orionid meteor shower peaks at 12 am. It is visible to the naked eye, and should be easily seen if the sky is clear.

Together! 2020 Poetry Anthology

We are publishing an anthology of poems on the theme of Together for our Together! 2020 Disability History Month Festival. You can find out more about how you can send us your poem for inclusion here:

Ellen Goodey: Together Forever

Together we are strong
Together we can
We can make it
The sun is shining
In the sky
The birds are singing in the sky
Children are playing
And going to school
We made that happen together
We are best friends together forever.

Virtual Naturewatch: Merlot’s Rainy Walk In The Field


ISL on BBC Sport: This a link to the BBC Sport website where you can watch both days of the London Roar’s first match of this years International Swimmming League. This is also where you can watch upcoming live matches featuring London Roar, as well as the Semi-Finals and Final of the league.


XBox app on iOS available for iPhone and iPad. This app can be connected to your console and can be used to control the console; to view and download games to your console while you are away from your console; and now with the new update you can also play games remotely on your phone or tablet, which is particularly good for avoiding disputes over the television! Below is a link for the App Store to download the app:

Games coming soon: October / November is the time of year when large title games are released, similar to summer blockbusters for films (or rather, not similar to summer 2020 at all!). This is a link to the Microsoft stores list of upcoming games:

Find out more about articles hidden in Minecraft to avoid censors:

19 October 2020

The programme for the Together! 2020 Disability History Month Festival is available here.

Toni joins Act Up! Newham

Relax with Awa:

AppDate Tiers Special:

Unpaid carers and Tier rule exemptions Unpaid carers are allowed to visit another person’s home to provide emotional or practical support  for their mental or physical health. (An unpaid carer may or may not be disabled themselves.) Wearing masks indoors, sanitising hands frequently, cleaning door handles with anti-bac wipes as the carer leaves, or meeting outdoors for a socially distanced walk, are some of the sensible precautions you can take. You may be able to get a letter proving you are a Carer from your local authority (see next item).

We encourage everyone supporting another person with emotional support and/or practical tasks to register with their local authority as a Carer. You are also entitled to a Carer’s Assessment of your own needs. In Newham, the Council has commissioned the organisation Carers First to help with things like emergency care planning and also navigate through benefits/ information and guidance services. You can register with Carers First by telephone on 0300 303 1555 or by email  Carers First can also provide carers with ID letters to prove they have the right to visit.

Emergency Plans The NHS and local authorities are encouraging everyone to have an Emergency Plan, and this is particularly important if you are a social care user or an unpaid carer. Think about what someone would need to know if you become ill. If you are a social care user, you should already have a Care Plan which contains most of this information, but in your Emergency Plan make clear what happens if you or someone who provides significant support becomes ill.

16 October 2020

Introducing performer and singer Glory Sengo as part of our Black History Month celebrations.

American Pie on YouTube by Don McLean:
A good overview of UFOs in the USA is in Wikipedia but there are many specialist links in the search engines:

Art Club

Today’s still life from the Together! Art Club for you to try at home.Photograph of biscuits and satsumas next to a mug of tea and a spoon.

Josh Surgeoner sketches a games character in pencil, traces it in Photoshop and then colours it digitally:

Painting fruit by Sterre Ploeger

Something for the Weekend

SuperFest Disability Film Festival (US times) 16-18 October 2020:

Scottish Queer International Film Festival (until 18th):

Soundabout free music-making sessions for people with Profound and Multiple Disabilities (2pm Saturdays and Tuesdays on Facebook):

Sign up for a free short course at the Open University:

International Swimming League The London Roar match starts on Sunday and can be watched on the BBC Sport website or on the BBC iPlayer. This is a link to a BBC Sport article about the league:

Star Trek Discovery Season 3 launches today with weekly episodes on Netflix:

Racial Awareness and Mindfulness 2020 (US): A Virtual Festival of the Arts, Awareness, Healing, and Justice intends to help people of goodwill reflect on the reality of racism in our society and our world in many forms, through rhythm, blues, keynotes, and practical exposure through experiential workshops with both African-American and white caucuses, as well as multiracial spaces, opening our awareness of privilege and supremacy, and their systemic effects, hopefully opening us for healing centuries of unresolved trauma:

‘Make Your Own Mantra’. Following on from this and last weekend’s ‘moment diary’ (see 9 October below), this weekend’s self-prescription for wellness is recognise, and maybe write down, when you have both negative and positive thoughts about life as it is now. Once you have a collection of thoughts, then using the positive thoughts create a ‘Mantra’ that you can say to yourself, and indeed others if appropriate, that give you the space to think, and the power to fight off negativity from within. For example, ‘Even when I’m feeling blue, let my smile within beam on through” – it doesn’t matter how silly or tacky it may sound, what is important is what works for you.

Robin Surgeoner: Perpetual Emotion

14 October 2020

Introducing performer and writer Paizah Malek Neave as part of our Black History Month celebrations.

DaDaFest Translations international Disability Arts festival 27 November-3 December 2020:

Article about Mars last night from the inews. It explains the position and why it was possible to see it clearly:

Poems from the Together! Pop-Up Poetry Club
This morning’s theme was ‘autumn’.

Dawn Barber: Journey of Winter

The trees are turning colours,
The leaves are falling down,
You can feel the coldness more,
Pulling your curtains early,
Seeing the pigeons huddle up together in the park,
People walking round in warmer coats and boots and scarves,
Hot drinks, cosy socks, winter is here now,
Another journey for us so lets just cover our hearts with the things we love to do,
To make it easier to get through.

Dwain Bryan: Attack

Had the Autumn come or had the Autumn gone,
I just can’t tell where does it start? Where does it end?
I see the leaves falling from the trees as I watch them blowing on the breeze,
As I walk along, by my feet I see squirrels chewing on a small leaf,
I hold my hands out with a small treat and wait for them to greet,
The churchyard is where I walk and see those leaves on the floor,
It seems like every time I walk in the churchyard I see them more.

Julie Newman: Autumn

Where are the leaves, fallen on the ground
Still vibrant in their last burst of colour?
Before the winter comes, and the wind sounds
Ever stronger through trees now duller
Braced for the season change.

Those leaves that gave us so much joy,
Swept up with care, piled tall like sentries
Marking time, then dispersed by reckless boys
And girls, kicking and laughing, thrown like confetti
On their way to school.

The smells that follow us through life’s travails.
Colours repeating, rejoicing as seasons change.
Those memories strengthened by fond tales
Of bygone days, childhood dreams now strange
In the harshness of today.

Autumn colours, autumn smells, come to life
Still strong as harvest baking fill the homes.
Pumpkins carved and lit. Apples cooked with spice
Fill jars, soups made, bread baked and tables groan
With the weight of the feast.

The days shorten and winter comes fast now,
And faster still as winds whistle through trees laid bare.
Carrying away colours with leaves covered by snow.
Stillness marks the day, the chill sits in the air,
As we wait then for spring.

Alison Marchant: At the Edge of Epping Forest

At the edge of Epping Forest
In rainy Autumn
Where wet leaves send scents of dead leaves
And October mist.
And on other clear Autumn days
The breath of wind
Through orange and yellow-coloured trees
With flames of rust and red,
Where the wood is ochre
In forest frost.

Virtual Naturewatch with assistance dog Merlot

Josh Surgeoner

In the Black Summer,
The bush burned,
3 billion dead,
In fire just like all the scientists said

In the ocean,
The barrier reef bleached,
The colours all leached,
All of this driven because the sea temperature has risen,

38 million cases and rising,
A pandemic worsen by political surmising,
When doctors guidelines and rules are taken as lenient,
Simply because their instructions might cause inconvenience,

I mean come on people there is no conspiracy,
They are telling the truth,
It’s just as it seems.

In time like these it makes me think of songs about escapism and dreams,
Bowie, The Beatles, and other bands spring to mind,
Fanciful stories of Mars, and the marine,
A better life far away and serene.

Robin Surgeoner: My Weekend of Moments
(see Friday 9 October below for the creative exercise)

Go back to sleep
Hungry and knackered
Sadness and loss
Replenished and ready to go
Broken Pipe fixed hero complex
Family frustration
Decision time
Chilling with Modern Family
Self-medication time
Escapism creating escapism
Pain relief beckons
Don’t wanna hurt
Semi-conscious creative wonderland
Transported to transcend
Caffeine fueled cacophony of thoughts
Family fractiousness
Return of the calm
Music-making beckons
Claustrophobic indecision undermines
Panic over craft supplies provide!
Anticipation easily pleased
Food fuelled haven – sod the guilt
Surprised by my efforts
Honoured at bedtime
Feet-up-finally de-compressing
Seeking bed – seeking relief – seeking closeness

Sport and Gaming

ISL The International Swimming League is a professional swimming competition, this year there are 10 teams competing across 10 matches, each match with four teams. This a real spectacle for both swimming fans and people new to the sport. London Road matches can be seen on BBC Sport.

A match schedule is below. image2.jpeg

United Through Sport Virtual Youth Sport Festival including an inclusive sports challenge to help promote a more inclusive future for all people. Full details:

Below is a small list of co-op games that have online multiplayer co-op and are available on most platforms/consoles. Physical copies can be purchased from your choice of retailer, alternatively, they can be downloaded directly from the store within the console if you prefer digital games, or you have a digital-only console:

  • Portal 2 (Older puzzle solving game but very if you have someone to play it with)
  • Overcooked and Overcooked 2 (Hectic cooking game)
  • Minecraft (Relaxing building game)
  • Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville (Defend your garden against zombies playing as plants)

12 October 2020

The programme for the Together! 2020 Disability History Month Festival is now available.

Funny Peculiar is the latest lockdown production from Little Cog as part of their Staging Our Futures programme.  Written and co-starring Vici Wreford-Sinnott, the play also stars Liz Carr of Silent Witness fame, Mandy Colleran, a comedian and activist, and Bea Webster who is currently an associate of both the Royal Shakespeare Company and The Playwright’s Studio of Scotland. Links to the other accessible versions follow the captioned film which is available below, and you can find out more here:

Watch with audio-description:
Watch with BSL interpretation:

AppDate: Apple Event 13th October 2020. This is a live event presented from Apple HQ where it is believed that Apple will announce the new iPhone as well as host of other new technologies and devices. Streamed live at 6pm BST or available to watch on demand after the show.

Relax with Awa:

9 October 2020

Introducing Awa Jagne, young Disabled actor, writer and yoga leader, as part of our Black History Month celebrations. You can view Awa’s yoga channel here:

On today’s Dressing Up to Go Out to Stay In regular Friday feature, co-host Julie Newman was dressed for tea on the moon with astronomer Maggie Aderin-Pocock. Find out more about Maggie here: Fed up of being at home? Why not dress up to go out, somewhere real, imaginary or online, and send us your photos and films: 

Co-host Robin Surgeoner MBE interviews musician Remi Fox Novak, who finishes with an original composition.

World Mental Health Day

Mind UK explains more:

Crisis contacts, including the Samaritans:

Today’s show was dedicated to the late Aaron Basha, and to his friends who are taking the Calm walk tomorrow in his memory:

CALM, a suicide helpline for young men:

Something for the Weekend:

3-4.30pm Sunday 11 October Forward Poetry Prize – readings from the 15 shortlisted poets followed by the announcement of the winner from the British Library:

Iris Prize LGBT+ Short Film Festival (continues till Monday and remains online until the end of October):

GDT Nature Photographer of the Year 2020 This is the German Society of Nature Photographers Annual Competition, the link has the winners and runner-ups in each category such as birds, mammals, landscapes, There is also an overall winner from this year’s entrants: <a href=”″>>

Creative Wellness Weekend activity from co-host Robin Surgeoner

Set yourself the task of recording in some way exactly how you are feeling at the time you are doing this.  To do this:

  • Set a timer if you can for regular intervals, for example every hour or every two hours, whatever you think will work for you.
  • Have some way of recording your feelings, such as writing them down, getting someone else to write them down, or recording them on phone or tablet or other device.
  • Make them very short, just a few words describing just how you feel emotionally or psychologically.
  • Do this over the weekend during your waking hours (don’t wake yourself up to do it).

On Sunday evening or Monday, bring all your thoughts together in a list. Decide if you can make something creative out of your words such as a poem – just the list may be a poem in itself — a short piece of writing, or even a picture or a film

Good luck and I hope you enjoy trying this out. Robin.

Star Wars is available to stream on Disney+ ( or can be rented or bought on Amazon. This is a recommended watch order from Josh Surgeoner for all of the live action Star Wars content.

  • Episode IV: A New Hope (1977)
  • Rogue One (2016)
  • Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back (1980)
  • Episode I: The Phantom Menace (1999)
  • Episode II: Attack of the Clones (2002)
  • Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (2005)
  • Solo (2018)
  • Episode VI: Return of the Jedi (1983)
  • Optional: The Mandalorian (2019)
  • Episode VII: The Force Awakens (2015)
  • Episode VIII: The Last Jedi (2017)
  • Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker (2019)


7 October 2020

Poems from the Together! Pop-Up Poetry Club
This morning’s theme was ‘together’.

Julie Newman: Together

Before and after.
Sunshine and rain.
Sweet and sour.
Again and again.

Poetry comes in many sizes…
Verses large and verses small.
Words that sing in many guises,
Opposites attracting, short and tall.
Poles apart that push, then pull…
Seeming empty, then so full.

Is it up, or is it down?
Is it night or is it day?
In the country, or the town?
Is it working or at play?

Picking words to tell a story…
Writing forward then reverse.
Something that will shine with glory,
Something subtle but in verse.

How to spin the words together,
Some are better, some are worse.
Is it bitter, is it sweet?
Is it open, or is it closed?
Is it head, or is it feet?
Is it top or is it toes?

Together we can make a change…
Using words to tell a tale.
Some we struggle to arrange,
Some will seem to work then fail.
How it looks, how it flows?
It’s a story that just grows.

Blake Jarrette Gibbons: Together

Together London came for sports in 2012, as did many other countries, and even years on we are still Together.

Together is how we become, sometimes physically, sometimes mentally, even emotionally, at times all three ways. All our senses together.

Of course life gets hard, but we will get through when we are together as one with our inner self.

Getting together while staying apart, clapping for our key workers (minus the government) with the chance to be social we take even if it means only spaces available till 10pm. We still Get Together.

Everyone is individual and everyone is acting their way and let us remember that

Time, something we don’t respect enough, tick-tock goes your clock as you read this and think. Thinking about what you are reading, listening to it in your head. In your head there lies a maze of cells and electrical energy.

Healthy, am I? I guess so, I’m still here, more than likely writing another piece while you still reading this, notice, you sped up a bit thinking ‘oooh I want to read the rest and the next piece’, don’t worry you’re more than half-way through this, don’t worry, this helps my mental health, sorry you can’t see below my surface, my mental health is mine and remember not everything is visible.

Equally, that’s how I would love to be treated, will this ever be the case? What is equal? What is normal? Lots of love and hugs are felt along with the rest of life.

Ready, ready to go, go out where? Go inside instead, go to bed. We are ready when all our senses are together, the more support the better, going on forward together, the best way is together.

Even if we are apart physically, remember we are together, together our key workers work, together is the way we learn, remember those working together for us, let’s come together for them and together we will have our best lives.

Duncan Bridgstock: Together

Together unlocked
is as
as leather.
I wouldn’t be doing
so well
without Noel
and Josh
life would be splosh
and the other
together poets,
know it.
Together is the
in my cap.

Taylor Henville: Together

Time in the house
Or on the doorstep
Going nowhere
Everyone eternally indoors
Together for now
Hoping for the future
Everyone wishing for a life
Returned or reimagined anew.

Dawn Barber: Pull Together

Let’s all pull together and help one another now times are bad,
Let’s be kind and loving and respectful, let laughter be around and smiles to brighten up our lives,
We need to try and be positive even though life is so upside down.
I know there are days when we don’t feel good,
But let’s let the sunshine through our hearts and know there are good times to come.

And in response to Thames Water leaving East London without water to wash our hands:

Julie Newman: Relief

The water’s on! The water’s back!
There’s plenty now to drink!
I turned the tap, the water flowed!
It ran and filled the sink!
I danced with joy and sang a tune…
And washed my fork and spoon.

But then I paused and stopped a while.
Suppose it didn’t stay?
The worry grew and wiped my smile.
Would it last the day?
I turned the tap, and cut the flow,
Must keep it safe, not let it go.

That’s it for now. No more to say.
I’ll have to wait and see.
I hope it stays, not go away.
That someone hears my plea.
Please make it right and fix the leak.
Before the day turns cold and bleak.

Profile of Pritesh Patel, a Disabled artist of Colour

Virtual Naturewatch with Merlot Ploeger

This is Dyslexia Awareness Week and tomorrow 8 October 2020 is World Dyslexia Day:

Sports & Gaming

Star Wars Squadrons – New Star Wars space combat simulator, set after the event of Star Wars Episode VI Return of the Jedi.
Humans versus Artificial Intelligence. C.W.Lemoine is a fiction author of two different series, a commercial pilot and a fighter pilot. His YouTube Channel has information on a competition to choose a Gaming champion to take on a fighter pilot simulator which has already defeated a real pilot.
BBC article / interview with Michael Gunning

5 October 2020

Drone photography: This was filmed using a DJI Mavic Mini, which is DJI’s cheapest consumer drone. The video itself is a few different test shots taken during the first couple of flights with the drone. This is the raw footage from the camera – watch the show for the whole discussion.

What’s App Aunty? Hard questions…

Relax with Awa:

Black History Month

The Learning Tree is available to view free on YouTube and is a classic film adapted and directed by Gordon Parks, a Black Director, about a young Black teenager in Kansas. Gordon Parks also directed Shaft, which presents a very different perspective. The Wikipedia page on Gordon Parks serves as a good basis upon which to look closer at the range of his work.

Fire in Babylon is available to view free on YouTube and celebrates the West Indies cricket team in their heyday, with some of the greatest bowlers and batters of all time, but also exposes the racism that the team experienced while on tour:

2 October 2020

Introducing Jade Sempare

Dressing Up to Go Out to Stay In: assistance dog Jazz watches the women’s football.Photograph of a small black dog in an England t-shirt

Something for the Weekend:


Black History Month came from a student initiative at Kent State University in 1970: The main link is full of information and links that lead to a range of interesting films, events and articles including the history of West Indies Cricket:

The BBC has a range of educational films focussed on BHM which although created for schools provide and insight into significant historic individuals:

The Museum of London has a page on its website devoted to BHM with lots of links:

The theme for 2020 Black History Month is African Americans and the Vote. It is the anniversary of the 1870 15th Amendment and the right of Black Men to vote after the Civil War:

Eventbrite are offering a range of tickets for virtual and real-life events such as walks, many of which are free:–london/black-history-month/

Channel 4 is celebrating BHM with a series of films and documentaries :

ITV has commissioned a series of ‘idents’ for BHM:

Heart Radio are promoting some films available on the subscription channels:

Adeyemi Michael x Netflix – Black British Stories. Netflix have asked the British-Nigerian Filmmaker Adeyemi Michael to curate a collection of films, series and shorts on Black British narratives to celebrate Black History Month. This is a link to the Black British Stories Collection on Netflix: This is a link to Adeyemi’s tweet about the project, follow his account for more updates and details: This is a link to Netflix’s tweet promoting the collection: For other works outside of this collection on Netflix, searching “black history” will provide a large selection of titles.

Maritime Museum at Greenwich has a richness of online programs..

Best of the rest

Make Your Own Terrarium (miniature greenhouse): This is an on-line event which will be recorded for those who book on to it for Sunday 4th October at 7pm BST.

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A Winning Mindset: Lessons From The Paralympics A fascinating journey into the minds of Paralympians, as they share experiences that can benefit your own personal and professional life. A new episode is released every Friday.The official podcast of the International Paralympic Committee, in partnership with Allianz. Available on all major podcast platforms, the podcast is presented by British broadcaster Andy Stevenson, who has reported on the Paralympic Games since 2012 for BBC and Channel 4.

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