We aim to make all of our events fully accessible and inclusive of everyone.

  • Our Clubs activities are chosen so that they can be participated in by people with a wide range of access needs. We can adapt these activities as needed.
  • People can join in our Clubs activities with just a pen or pencil and scrap paper for the Pop-Up Poetry Club and the Art Club’s still-life session, and household recycling, glue and scissors for the Art Club’s make and natter session. For the Dance on Screen and the Photographers and Filmmakers Club, all you need is the device you are Zooming on.
  • We provide as much information in advance as possible about how an activity is delivered and scheduled, and always stick to our timetables.
  • All of our activities take place on Zoom with auto-captions enabled.
  • Manual captions are provided for live events, together with BSL interpretation.
  • Captions are provided on all of our YouTube videos.
  • Speakers describe themselves as soon as they have been introduced.
  • We embed audio-description into our Art Club Still Life session on Fridays to ensure full access to the image. Images can also be sent out by email, text and WhatsApp as required.
  • We provide live audio-description on request where possible.
  • We recruit volunteers to take notes, provide audio-description etc.
  • We welcome enquiries from Disabled people who have particular individual needs and will always do our best to meet these.

Contact us for information about access to specific events and activities. We also recognise that financial access can be a barrier to participation, and that some people will need additional support in their homes in order to take part. We will do our best to help you to access this locally if necessary with the input of our Engagement Support Worker.

Reviewed 12/4/2024