Artists’ Films & Videos 2014

7 DECEMBER 2014 12pm

Oh What a Lovely, Lovely Ward. Katharine Araniello. Artsadmin & Channel 4. 3m. 2014. Katherine Araniello turns sentimentality on its head in a playful and absurd re-imagining of a wartime hospital where the wounded and war-damaged wait to have their morale lifted by Matron. Click here to view the film online.

Breathe Nothing of Slaughter. Tony Heaton. Artsadmin & Channel 4. 3m. 2014. Tony Heaton examines the potent symbol of the war memorial and the reality of war. Heroic, Adonis-like bodies are set in stark contrast to images of blackened faces and malnourished and broken bodies. Click here to view the film online.

Soldiering On. Jez Colborne. Artsadmin & Channel 4. 3m. 2014. Jez Colborne’s song explores his fascination with the pomp and ceremony of war, an experience he’s locked out of because ‘learning-disabled people don’t go to war’. A collaboration with Mind The Gap. Click here to view the film online.

Sophie Partridge—Shape Creatives, David Hevey. 17m43s. 2014. In this film we follow Sophie Partridge is an actor, writer & workshop artist, based in London. Sophie is currently in the process of developing her production of Song of Semmersuaq. This film is part of a series on the artists and creatives that Shape supports and who support Shape. Click here to view the film online.

Bodeelangwich. Stephen Lee Hodgkins. 2m28s. 2014. Bodeelanwigch explores the representation of dyslexia and related learning difficulties that challenge language and literacy norms. Presented as an audio visual poem, the original text written by the disability activist and artist Simon Brisenden (published in ‘Poems for Perfect People’ in 1987) this piece reconsiders the themes in relation to notions of dyslexia. Click here to view the film online.

Greenhouse of Hearts. Dolly Sen. 8m20s. 2013. A short documentary about Portugal Prints, a mental health arts project, exploring art, being an outsider, the heart and mental health.

I’m not your inspiration I, Sandra Alland, 7m35s. 2013. The first in a series of short documentaries by Sandra Alland about queer and trans* Deaf and disabled artists in Scotland. Writer and photographer Nathan Gale discusses the intersection of their queer, trans* and crip identities. They also give the low-down on ‘inspiration porn’: using disabled people or performers to make non-disabled audiences feel good about themselves. Click here to view the film online.

I’m not your inspiration II, Sandra Alland, 9m9s. 2014. TThe second of Sandra Alland’s short films about queer &trans* Deaf & disabled artists in Scotland. Deaf sign poet, Alison Smith, talks about her BSL poetry, growing up as a traveller, and some issues facing queer disabled artists. Featuring sign poetry film and live performance. Click here to view the film online.

I’m not your inspiration III. Sandra Alland. 9m47s. 2014. The third of Sandra Alland’s short films about queer &trans* Deaf & disabled artists in Scotland. Musician and visual artist Maki Yamazaki discusses visible and invisible disabilities, barriers to access for disabled and trans* artists, and the intersection of race, gender and ability. Featuring Maki’s visual art, recordings and performances. Click here to view the film online.

Qui Devrais Je Croire / Who Shall I Trust? Cedoux Kadima. 1m39s. 2014. A poetic, personal narrative film by artist Cedoux Kadima, exploring the bitter consequences of displacement and rejection. Click here to view the film online.

Silent Art. Hana Mire. 2013. This film shows Victor, a young Deaf African man who never gave up on his dream to be an artist. His passion for art led him to join the Mawheeb Center for talented disabled people. With the support of his family and teachers he is now able to communicate and learn.

Disabled my arse! Kristina Veasey. 3m43s. 2012. This film is inspired by words Veasey overheard her neighbour say about her and explores people’s ability to judge people by what their definitions of what they think disability is. Click here to view the film online.

Christmas time again! Kristina Veasey. 3m43s. 2012. Merry Christmas everyone! Described asBad Santa meets Christmas cheesiness” this fun upbeat short film displays all of the happy times and silly aspects of Christmas with a very fun and catchy soundtrack. Click here to view the film online.