Make a sock puppet

To make a sock puppet you need:

  • an old sock
  • stickers or buttons* for eyes
  • wool* for the hair
  • scissors
  • a crochet hook or a bent piece of wire
  • a needle and thread (if you are using buttons for the eyes)

* Unravel a worn-out cardigan if you need buttons and wool – you can also use the wool for other projects.

If you don’t have any of the above at home, use a white or light-coloured sock and draw on it with felt-tipped pens.

Instructions (see the photos that follow for the details)

1. Make a hole through both sides of the heel of the sock, close to the edge, using scissors.

2. Cut some pieces of wool and put these together, or use a craft ‘pipe-cleaner’.

3. Using the crochet hook or a bent piece of wire, pull the wool through the hole until you have the same length of wool each side, or poke the pipe-cleaner through the hole.

4. Knot the sides of the wool together to stop it from slipping or twist the pipe-cleaner together.

5. Make the eyes by sticking on stickers or sewing on buttons.

6. Add a personal touch. Make a scarf out of a hanky, a nose out of another button or add on ears. Use a white or light-coloured sock.

7. Put your hand into the puppet to bring it to life.

Now make up a play for your puppets, film it on your phone or camera and send it to us at We will share your films with our followers on social media, and select the best to be screened during the Animate! programme at the Together! 2020 Disability Film Festival in December, where they will be eligible for a Kat Award.