Artists Films Saturday 2 December 2023

Saturday’s Artists Films showcase challenging new films from Deaf and Disabled artists in the UK, US, Canada and Germany. This programme has now ended but the details are below. It was available for 24 hours from 12noon GMT 2 December 2023.

Still from filmWe’d do anything for something sweet. Act Up! Newham. United Kingdom. 2023. Festival Premiere. In English with English captions and BSL interpretation. DDD. A filmed poem commissioned by Together! 2012 CIC for Black History Month 2023 about sugar, disability and the Transatlantic Trade in Enslaved African Peoples. Trigger warning: slavery theme. Contains flashing lights.

still from filmFlesh Ballet. Frederick Kroetsch, Kasie Campbell, Daniel Ennett, David Baron. Canada. 2023. 3m 35s. European Premiere. No Dialogue. F, D. A quadruple amputee and a seamstress metamorphose into a giant flesh mound. Trigger warning: flashing lights, and some viewers may find this disturbing.

still from filmFlare. Kate Blamire. Germany. 2023. 27m 14s. Festival Premiere. In English with English captions. FF, DD. Kate Blamire is a non-binary person from Berlin living with an autoimmune disease. This film is a first-person poetic account of their search for freedom and identity as they navigate in and out of hospitals.Trigger warning: lightning strikes, crawling insects, themes of a medical nature, very rapid transitions that flash quickly.

My Dogs. Wendy Belcher/ Shadowlight Artists @ Film Oxford. United Kingdom. 2023. 4m 49s. World Premiere. In English with English captions. F, DDD. Wendy Belcher explores the deep relationship, and intensely felt loss, of her dog through a digital collage video. Trigger warning: bereavement.

still from the filmAwaiting Tiresias. Heather May. United States. 2021. 23m 20s. In English with English captions and Audio Description. FF, DDD. An accessible exploration of the space between identity and diagnosis, blindness and vision, self and community.

still from filmLandscapes: Love Letters to Willow. Shay Erlich, Simeon Taole. Canada. 2023. 8m 4s. World Premiere. No Dialogue. FFF, DDD. A creative reimagining of the movement potential of Downsview Park in Toronto through Shay Erlich’s provocative and revelatory contemporary dance. Celebrates the disability joy of being visible as a non-binary wheelchair user in a world where disability itself is often rendered invisible.

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