Below is our digital Bats! performance for Hackney Carnival at Home 2021. Click here to watch it on YouTube if it doesn’t display.

In 2021, the Kitchen Carnival theme was Bat characters. You can watch a short film about the 2021 Carnival hereBats can traditionally be brown, black or white, but we have included silver as a variation of white. Bats are the only flying mammal – you can find out more about real bats here. Here are some simple costumes that you can make using things from the kitchen – or you can design your own.






Once you’ve made your wings, it’s time to create a Bat dance or take a selfie. Create your own sound track with our Kitchen Carnival percussion instruments below – there are also some Bat-themed songs linked here. Bats sleep – ‘roost’ – by hanging upside down with their wings folded. Once you are in full costume, ask someone to help you take a selfie in the kitchen with your arms folded and eyes shut. Turn it upside down to see yourself roost.

Kitchen Carnival Designs by ju90
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