Short Dramas

Prospero, Kevin Meehan, 2 mins, 2012. Shakespeare at his darkest. Performed by drama students from Something Special, Northern Ireland.

Moving In, Mark Lever and Gary Thomas, 5 x 5 mins, 2012. Internet soap about four students moving from college to univer- sity, and the journey they go through to settle in.

The Dog & The Palace, Gary Thomas, 9 mins, 2012. A young boy is so inspired by watching the 2012 Olympic Games on TV that he decides to write to the Queen to say ‘Thank You’. He sends her a parcel containing a statue of his little dog, and the film follows the journey of the young boy as he persuades his family they should visit London to celebrate the Games. Produced by Karen Gilchrist with artwork by Christine Wilkinson.

Obstacle, Pirjo Ojala, 21 mins, 2011. Jenni and Tuukka decide to meet in Tuukka’s home town of Turku after getting to know each other online. But both have failed to disclose their impair- ments to each other in advance. Together! with KynnysKINO

Nectar, Liz Crow, 16 mins, 2005. With AD, captioning and BSL. It’s 1931 and Walter is a young deaf swimmer bound for glory. But on the eve of selection for the Olympic squad, Walter knows with sudden clarity that the dream he is following is not his own. Can he find the courage to turn from the expectations of others towards a life and language of his own? A Roaring Girl production.