Kitchen Carnival Black Bat Wings

To make the Black Bat Wings you need:

  • 2 black bin liners (depending on which sort you have available)
  • Scissors
  • 2 wooden spoons or rolls of clingfilm or foil
  • Sticky tape (optional).

If your bin liner doesn’t look like this, don’t worry – read on and you will find three different ways to make the wings using different types of bin liners, all based on the first design:
Turn the bin liner upside down, open it and cut up one side between the top ties.

This is your first wing – what was the bottom of the bag will now fit under your arm. Make a second wing the same way.Next, extend your wings by attaching wooden spoons or rolls of clingfilm or kitchen foil to the ends. You can use sticky tape for this, or cut small holes to push them through.

Finally, cut a hole in the gathered end that is big enough for your arm to go through.Now your wings are ready to wear – you will hold the ends of the kitchen rolls or wooden spoons in your hands.
If your bag has no handles, cut a scoop out of the plastic before you open up the bag, and then you make your wings the same way as described above.

Or if your bag looks like this, with a plastic string running through the top:

Cut out a scoop from one side. Then cut off the other side. Next, open up the bin liner. Next, cut out a hole for your arm to go through. Your wings will be joined across your back, so be sure to leave enough room to tape them together. As above, attach kitchen rolls or wooden spoons at the end of your wing, by using sticky tape or cutting small holes to push them through.
If you wish, you can make your spoons longer by using a rubber band to attach a pencil.
When your other wing is complete, join them together with sticky tape.

Or if your bag has sealed handles like this, cut them off in a scoop shape and then carry on as above.

Black Bat Wing design by Clary Salandy of Mahogany Carnival Design
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