Join in with Sterre

Sterre Ploeger demonstrates inclusive accessible activities in films that were originally shown on Together! 2012 CIC’s YouTube shows Together Unlocked! and Something for the Weekend. Enablement and filming is by Hannah Facey. Check back regularly for new films or subscribe to our YouTube channel Together! 2012 CIC for automatic notifications.

Make bird feeders. 

Make a sunflower hand painting.

Make a firework painting.

Make a bonfire picture from leaves. 

Make a spider. 

Print with apples.

Spell your name with your body and create art from it.

Make a leaf necklace.

Make a face from fruit and vegetables.

Make an ice sculpture.

Make a fountain.

Make a hedgehog.

Make a Bear. Sterre’s bear came 3rd out of 59 entries in the Bear Festival.

Paint with fingers and arms.

Use the sun to make leaf prints.

Make a word picture with tape and paint.

Paint with the rain.

Create an eco-art bicycle photograph. 

Paint a picture on plastic with added flowers. 

Create art by melting crayons over canvas.

Paint sheep without brushes.

Make flower cards from egg boxes.

Create eco art without damaging the environment.

Dance with glow sticks.

Build with snow and ice.

Make a mini ice rink.

Print with potatoes.

Make an ice picture.

Make a festive Zoom background.

Make simple autumn lanterns using leaves, paint and paper.

Make a painting with leaves.

Make leaf-shaped winter decorations.Sterre used Das modelling clay to create her leaf decorations, but you can also make modelling clay at home using flour, salt and water: Sterre used paint to decorate her clay leaves, but you can also use gilding wax which can be rubbed on and dries very quickly:

Make a pumpkin lantern.

Paint stones with flowers.

Paint fruit.

Make window art.

Make a shaker.

Marble paper with nail varnish.

Experiment with tie dye.

Make a plaque with your hands.

Make a papiermaché egg.