Together! 2022 Disability Film Festival


The Festival has now ended. Click on the links below to view the programmes. Entries for the Together! 2023 Disability Film Festival open in April.

Ten Years On: Introduction to the Together! 2022 Disability Film Festival by Artistic Director Dr Ju Gosling.

The 2022 Kat Award winners.

Saturday 3 December

Celebrate International Day of Disabled People with a programme of short films from around the world, together with three international feature-length documentaries.

We will also be screening the first of our Short Stories programmes.

Disabled Filmmakers at all stages in their career are also invited to join us live on Zoom from 3-4pm with Carwyn Donovan from the production union Bectu to ask “Where do we go from here?” Further details and booking:

Sunday 4 December Enjoy Animations & Artists Films, Dance Films, and more Short Stories.

More about the Together! Disability Film Festival

Colour photograph of awards trophies.

The Together! Disability Film Festival screens films by Deaf/Disabled filmmakers and films with a strong central Deaf/Disabled character. Most of the films we screen will have been completed in the last 12-18 months, and many are premieres. Our priority is to provide a platform for strong storytelling, highlighting the lived experiences of Deaf/Disabled people from diverse backgrounds, and the talents of community, emerging and mid-career Deaf/Disabled filmmakers.

Many of our films are world or international premieres, and go on to festivals worldwide. We also collaborate to cross-programme films with festivals including Oska Bright, SuperFest, Kynnskino and Little Wing and with BSL Zone. Filmmakers do not need to identify as disabled themselves if Disabled people or Disability are the subject of the film; Deaf/Disabled filmmakers can submit work on any subject. We use our own ‘D’ rating system – one D each for a Deaf/Disabled (self-defined) person generating the film’s content, taking overall lead in making the film, and being the focus or star(s) of the film, working with or without support.

AWARDS We give Kat Awards for the best films These are named in honour of the late artist and filmmaker Katherine Araniello. The 2022 Kat Award winners.