Dance Films 4 December 2022

This programme has now ended but you can see the details of the films below. Email us with your comments and feedback. Some films contain adult language/challenging themes.

QUIET PLACES. Imogen Butler. UK. 2022. 4m 23s. Film Festival Premiere. No Dialogue. F, DD. QUIET PLACES is a response to the solitude of lockdown during 2020 and 2021.  Dancers were asked to choose their own quiet place within the house and respond to this environment whilst recalling feelings from the Pandemic. 

Pas de deux. Rebekah Fortune. UK. 2021. 6m. No Dialogue. F. In association with SuperFest. Follow Brogues and Sparkly Toes on their adventures of love, loss, dancing, and lots of mud! A heartbreaking LGBTQ+ tale told entirely through feet!

Sao Paolo. Fernanda Amaral, Chris Tally Evans. Brazil and Wales. 2022. 4m 30s. Film Festival Premiere. No Dialogue. São Paulo is a live performance video where dancers weave emotions portraying the relationship and sad parting between those who live in the megacity and a singer who visits from the wild mountains of Wales. The soundtrack is a song in the Welsh language written and performed by disabled artist Chris Tally Evans and musician Clovis Phillips. The dancers are Fernanda Amaral, Lucineia Felipe dos Santos, Ana Mesquita, Gabriel Sousa Domingues and Raphael Barbosa. Photography is by Fellipe Oliveira.

GREY. Imogen Butler. UK. 2022. 3m 45s. Film Festival Premiere.  No Dialogue. F, DD. GREY captures and embodies the movement quality of water and the conditions of the day. The dancers created their dance work in Zoom dance classes using individually chosen words related to the ocean.  They were then asked to develop these ideas within the coastal space.

Improvisation in G. Jem Clancy. UK. 2022. 2m 18s. World Premiere. No Dialogue. FF, DD. This short animation was a collaboration between two artists who use movement to speak and explore. The director loves working in animation and often likes to use lots of colours, abstract shapes and so on to share movement in lots of alternative ways. For this film she wanted to animate just the actual seen movement of the dancer as a line drawing without any other distraction. The music was chosen and the film captures the dancer’s joyful improvisation to it.

Alpen. Emma Henderson. Luke Margetts. UK. 2020. 5m 37s. Festival Premiere. No Dialogue. F, D. In association with SuperFest. Alpen offers images of Emma, who lives with chronic pain, moving through familiar pathways in her kitchen. Her movements are complex and choreographic as she shifts her weight between surfaces. The imagery is accompanied by a poem that she wrote about her day-to-day movement and the sound of her steps and the wheels of her stool are overlaid with sounds of snowboarders in the Swiss Alps. These different layers resist binary divisions of space and time into before and after pain.

Here & Where. Floyd Konde. UK. 2022. 30m 46s. European Premiere. In English with English captions. FF, D. Here & Where is a dance documentary following Stopgap’s apprentice company Sg2 as they returned to the studio after the UK-wide lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Capturing experiences of solitude, the loss felt through lockdown, and fluctuating emotions on emerging back into a studio for a final time, Here & Where is an introspective celebration of the four dancers achievements. Here & Where sensitively confronts themes of isolation, artistic identity and the lived experiences of Disabled dancers in a time of global instability. The documentary culminates in a dance film reimagining of the choreographic stage work ‘Here & Where’ by Maria Koliopoulou.

MOMENTOS ASI. Imogen Butler. UK. 2022. 3m 21s. Film Festival Premiere. No Dialogue. F, DD. MOMENTOS ASI is based on being mindful and how small moments can become significant when we place ourselves fully within them.  The dancers’ thoughts about the different senses and how these could be incorporated within the dance to show that they are in the moment.

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